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Why Our Moonshine Is Better Than Your Homemade Hooch

Palmetto Distillery Peach Moonshine

Known as an incredibly high-proof, once illegally produced alcohol, moonshine evokes some strong emotions when it comes up in conversation. There are generally two sides to this story, with one group being staunchly opposed to its illegal homemade distribution, while the other side arguing that if it’s produced in a distillery, then it’s not the real thing.

Historically speaking

Thanks to those early bootleggers who paved the way for moonshine to be mass-produced today, their drunken brawls, legendary races in the name of outrunning the law, and stories of passing a jar around the campfire at night while telling tales are all part of the history that brings authenticity to each unique blend. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have the savory recipes or scandalous stories that make each batch of moonshine more appealing to loyal consumers.

Now that credit has been given……

That being said, we declare that Palmetto Distillery stands by its production methods and time-tested recipes to proclaim that we are one of the premier producers of moonshine in the United States today. We believe that our products are superior to all others, and we are prepared to back up our claims with a little trivia that will be hard to refute, once the evidence has been laid before you. Sit back, pour up a glass, and read on to see why our moonshine is better than your homemade hooch:

  1. We are based in the South. This may seem silly to you Northern folk, but we believe that the best tasting spirits come from the region from which they came. There is just something about a bottle of distilled White Lightning that comes directly from the deep South that screams authenticity----not to mention good taste.

  2. We follow rules and regs. Much as we don’t always like to follow rules and regulations (there is still a bit of rebellious blood that courses through owners Trey and Bryan Boggs), we like to ensure that each batch is made using safe, legal distillation practices. Our distillation equipment is regularly inspected and monitored for quality production, and every batch of mash that comes through our warehouse is quality controlled and tested for safe consumption. Once 5 p.m. rolls around, however, all bets are off---we find other ways to kick it up a notch and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  3. We use authentic recipes. All of our moonshine blends are time-tested recipes handed down from our ancestor, Doc Boggs---otherwise known as the original Boggs Bootlegger; why mess with a good thing? His recipes are the best, and we pay homage to him by using what he put in place years ago as part of his moonshining efforts.

  4. We craft with excellence in mind. Every batch of “shine” is produced by hand using age-old recipes; our 100 percent copper still is an exact replica of what our predecessors used before us. Trey and Bryan are passionate about re-creating the traditions that their ancestors brought to them, and they now bring that to you in celebration of moonshine’s marvelous heritage.

  5. We serve up some extras! Palmetto Distillery is open six days a week, conveniently located just off Interstate 85 in the heart of South Carolina. We are available for tours, tastings, purchasing, and some merchandise extras that convey just how serious you are about enjoying moonshine. Come down for a little visit, stay for a tasting, and become a loyal convert! If you are ready to have your taste buds teased and your senses tantalized, visit us today. Visit www.palmettomoonshine.com to set up a tour and a tasting. Prepare for a delicious, lip-smacking time!