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Using Sunshine To Distill Moonshine?

Palmetto Moonshine

Moonshine gets its scandalous name from the process by which it was made and historically distributed in secret, under cover of moonlight. Most bootleggers and distillers that operated during the time of Prohibition did so under cover of night, as the production and sale of any alcohol at this time in history were highly illegal.

Classic distillation methods of whiskey, moonshine, and other liquors were typically done using a heat distillation method, where a grain mash and water are heated to extremely high temperatures, separating out alcohol vapor, which evolves to become the delicious beverages that we have come to know and love. This distillation method has been refined and improved over the years to produce better quality spirits, and innovative techniques are always being implemented to see if we can continue to evolve and improve the efficiency of the distillation process.

Sunlight? Moonshine?

Researchers have recently begun to play with what seems to be a very efficient way of distilling alcohol. using sunlight! Supposedly, this type of light distillation uses less thermal energy than conventional distillation methods and produces a more concentrated product. While sunlight distillation is unlikely to replace tried and true methods of distillation, it could find its unique niche in the marketplace.

Harnessing the power of light to create heat

How did this distillation process evolve? Researchers infused a mixture of water and ethanol with gold and silica nanoparticles and then proceeded to shine a laser light on the suspension. When the nanoparticles absorbed light, they began to generate heat. The combination of both absorbing and scattering photons made the whole mixture warmer. Light and heat continue to build near the surface of the mixture, and a natural separation of ethanol from the mixture took place. The application of heat continued to build, making the whole process more efficient, as the mixture was being heated from the top down rather than focusing on heating the entire volume of liquid.

This type of system allows for a new way of separating liquids, resulting in distillation products that are unique from those that are produced using thermal distillation. This exciting discovery is not necessarily turning the world of distillation on its ear, but rather providing additional opportunities for specializing alcohol and refining offerings for discriminating consumers.

“Light” beer takes on a new meaning

This fascinating process may be implemented alongside traditional methods of producing alcohol, making it possible for distillation to be more energy-efficient and effective. Exciting times are ahead for both distillers and customers with regard to how we can make whiskey, moonshine, and all things distilled even more delicious.

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