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Using Music To Enhance The Booze Aging Process: How Is It Done?

Music Notes In a Swirl

Music is not only nourishing to the soul, but it is also nourishing to the body as well. Surprisingly, the effect that music has on the distillation process is now being studied and implemented by several distilleries across the United States, with marked improvements noted in quality, flavor, and even purity of their spirits.

An exciting innovation is taking place among distilleries to improve the liquor aging process. Distilleries are using music to affect the quality of their brews in a way that is scientifically “sound.”

Sonic Brewing

The process of “sonic brewing” includes bathing barrels in sound at specific frequencies to affect the way that the liquor bounces off the wood inside the barrel. During the process of sonic brewing, a bass note with a low carrier frequency is pulsed into the barrel, causing the alcohol molecules to move away from the sound wave. The molecules then hit the container’s side quite forcefully, sliding up and down the side until they lose momentum. As music continues to play, this process of alcohol molecule displacement takes place over and over again. As a result of this excess movement, more of the container’s unique flavors are infused into the alcohol.

Sonic brewing doesn’t take place using your standard boom box or AM/FM stereo; it requires some serious equipment. In order to be effective, the strategic placement of subwoofers must be placed around and adjacent to the barrels, allowing the sound to penetrate thoroughly.

Distillation Evolution------Similar to Disco Revolution?

Industry experts that employ the use of sonic brewing are fast finding that different types of music are required for different types of spirits. Much experimental tasting has gone into the process of determining which types of music are best for ideal flavor profiles. Those that strive for smooth hints of vanilla and caramel in their batches find that the use of hip hop and its driving bass beats brings out these flavors very well. Spicy, sweet, and fruity flavors that are desired work well under the influence of R&B or even classical music. Distilleries are beginning to craft musical brew playlists to use when mixing up their batches for best flavor.

Several musical artists are attempting to get on the “musical maturation” bandwagon by offering their music in partnership with specific alcohol brands and brews. Blake Shelton, Drake, and even Bob Dylan have come forward with offers for partnerships in this “brewsical creation.” With patrons noticing a difference in these musically inspired offerings, it will be interesting to see how this practice of sonic brewing changes methods of distillation.

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