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Unique End Of Summer Party Ideas

Drinks at Summer Party

Summer’s gone, kids are almost headed out the door back to school, and we have no more to celebrate-------or do we?

With the farewell to summer comes the majesty of fall; crisp cool evenings, crackling leaves, and warmth by the fire. While we are not quite ready to usher in all the wonder that fall brings just yet, we can still throw an end of summer bash that will have friends, neighbors, and family talking through the winter months in anticipation of next summer.

So what do you do to wow your guests and throw a unique party that all will appreciate and remember fondly? If you are tired of the same boring summer ideas, consider throwing a unique themed party that incorporates food, drink, and fun into one seamless experience. Consider these unique and fun ideas for your end of summer soiree. See ya, summer!

Party theme #1: Throw A Splash Bash

What better way to say farewell to all the fun and sun of summer than with a Splash Bash; assemble your best water sport games and have guests come with suit and towel in hand. Hand out individual bottles of sunscreen and bubbles as party favors that they can use to enhance party fun.

Barbecued finger foods and fresh fruit pair well with Palmetto’s Summer Punch, a delicious combination of white lightning moonshine, grenadine, and lemonade. This drink serves up both punch and pucker for your adult guests, while kiddies can sip on Shirley Temples as they run around and pelt each other with water balloons. Get ready for some wet and wild times with this party idea and this rockin cocktail that all will enjoy.

Party theme #2: Movie night

Print out some faux tickets and invite everyone to your special screening of Movie Night, a tribute to Hollywood and your unique taste in movies. Set up a big screen in the backyard, lay out some blankets, and make sure lights are low as the sun sets and the plot thickens. You can choose to go old school Hollywood with some classics or host a night of 80’s flicks that hail big hair and big high school personalities.

Perfect pairings for movie night include personal pizzas, Italian themed salads, and Palmetto’s Presbyterian, a consummate whiskey drink that blends well with just about everything. Equal parts Palmetto whiskey, ginger ale, and club soda fizz their way into your party experience and set the tone for a relaxing and fun evening.

Party theme #3: Luau it up!

You might not want to don a grass skirt for your party, but someone is bound to show up in one; complete with coconut attire on top! Get out those tiki torches and transform your backyard gate into an Easter Island statue as you welcome guests to a tropical Hawaiian getaway--be it only for one night.

Tropical-inspired barbecue fare and fresh pineapple/coconut offerings are on the menu for this evening. Make sure you pair food with a refreshing Palmetto Lemon Moon Drop, a combination of sweet and sour powered by Palmetto’s White Lightning Moonshine. Round out the perfect evening with some ukulele music, either live or recorded, and create the perfect ambiance for the perfect party.

Party theme #4: Backyard ballpark

Nothing says summer fun like a good baseball game; have guests bring their own gloves for a backyard tournament if you have the space. Just make sure you’re using a softer version of the baseball for your nail-biter. Kids can bring inflatable bats and Wiffle balls for their own unique brand of fun at the party.

The food fare is easy for this one-----popcorn, peanuts, and chili dogs are on the menu for this ball game. Serving up some Arnold Palmetto tea to accompany this casual fare is the perfect complement to the all-American fun. A blend of whiskey, tea, and lemon symbiotically combine to form a sublime cocktail that will perfect any plate.

Palmetto Distillery: Serving it up right every time

No matter what your celebration, your theme, or your occasion, Palmetto Distillery has the flavors and quality to make your party a smash hit. Serving up the highest quality whiskey and moonshine money can buy for your next party is smart socializing. You will be the talk of the entire town after serving Palmetto’s premier products. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com to place your party order today!