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Tips For Having A Relaxing And Restful Summer

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are upon us, and as many of us slow down a bit and plan more social activities and more fun outdoors, even this kind of activity can be a bit stressful. Planning, preparation, work, kids, and balancing everyone’s summer extracurricular activities take a lot of work. What can we do to slow down and savor this summer season?

Rest easy, my friend, there are some ways to enjoy your social summer without amping up your stress levels. Here are some tips for having a relaxing and restful summer that you’ll remember:

Enjoy your time outside

Spending time outdoors naturally boosts our inner calm and sense of peace. Bike rides, hiking, picnics, and shopping at fresh farmer’s markets are all great ways to enjoy the weather and soak up some sun. An added bonus to all this extra sunlight is the increased production of vitamin D, which is excellent for both your mood and the health of your bones.

Unplug from technology

You may be reading this blog post on your phone right now, but it really is essential that you learn to unplug from all technology once in a while. Set aside time for screen-free days, evenings, and weekends, and insist that your kids do the same. They may initially freak out at not being able to check their Instagram account every five minutes, but they’ll eventually come around, leaving you all more relaxed.

Start a new fitness venture

What better way for you to take advantage of the beautiful weather than by taking up some outdoor sport or new fitness venture? Softball, hiking, outdoor yoga…..no matter what you choose to pursue, take a friend with you and develop a new habit that will reduce your stress and improve your health.

Create “me” time

In all of the hustle and bustle of this busy season, you can’t forget YOU; even if it’s taking five minutes each morning to greet the day and breathe in some fresh air, slow down and take that time to care for yourself. Grab a cup of coffee and hit the morning crossword puzzle; it will leave you refreshed and ready for whatever else the day throws at you.

Do things that you really love

If you have let your passion for reading slip off the radar, maybe now is the time to pick up that new novel and carve out some afternoon or evening reading time. Do the kids love fishing? Take them fishing and create some wonderful, lasting memories that you will cherish forever. Have you always wanted to rent an RV and head out to Six Flags for the weekend? Choose those things that make you truly happy and fulfilled and go for them all. Doing things that you love is nourishment to the soul; though you may be active, you are reducing stress by enjoying life and living in these moments.

Have some great BBQ

Tis the season…. there’s nothing like some great barbecue to hail the arrival of summer. Lip smacking ribs, cool creamy potato salad, watermelon, and delicious pie all point to a delicious time with family and friends. Slow down and savor steamy summer nights; whether you are attending or hosting, enjoy every minute of fellowship and great food with people you love.

How about a glass of moonshine or whiskey with that BBQ?

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