The Subtleties Of Whiskey Explained

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

Palmetto Distillery in Anderson, South Carolina, has a rich history of whiskey and moonshine production that stands the test of time. A labor of love for brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs, they infuse each bottle with superior craftsmanship, passion, and a legacy of quality recipes and historic traditions ensure that you are getting some of the tastiest spirits money can buy.

Whether you get geeked out about the origin and history of whiskey or your interest in the amber gold elixir ends with your supply of whiskey and ice on a Friday night, we have some subtleties of whiskey explained that might enhance your current enjoyment even more. Check out these savory tidbits as you contemplate your next order with Palmetto:

  • Is it "whiskey" or "whisky"? Which is it already? For years, connoisseurs have grappled with how it should be spelled and the rationale behind the extra "e." In general, Irish whiskey and some American whiskey is spelled with an "e," while the shorter version is saved for Scottish, Canadian, and Japanese varieties. While it doesn't influence our favored spirit's consumption, it's an interesting tidbit that you can use at our next social gathering to start a conversation.

  • What does single malt vs. blended mean? Generally, whiskey fans have a preconceived notion that single malt whiskey is superior in taste and composition to blended whiskey. While some fans of blended swear by the depth of flavor and taste that can come from combining multi-grains and elements specific to its harvested region, the beauty of the spirit is in the mouth of the beholder, it seems. Try them both out to determine which camp you'd like to sit in as you sip and savor your favorite flavor.

  • There are several unique types of whiskey, and they vary according to the distillation method and grain.

  • Bourbon, for instance, is a classic American whiskey comprised of almost 51 percent corn mash. Another defining characteristic of bourbon is that it must be aged in white oak barrels to achieve a distinctive taste and flavor.

  • Tennessee whiskey has a similar distillation process to bourbon, but additional filtering takes out some of the stronger alcohols and esters that might not be palatable for some.

  • Irish whiskey is almost exclusively produced in Ireland. Other defining characteristics of Irish amber are the presence of malted barley and a minimum aging requirement of three years for a good batch.

  • Rye whiskey is another American blend made from 51 percent rye mash and other grains. The distinctive use of rye results in a peppery bite on the tongue that is not experienced with other blends.

  • Canadian whiskey is crafted and distilled across the border, and distillers are not loyal to a specific type of grain when creating. A unique process of distilling high alcohol content and blending with a low-alcohol, high flavor batch produces just the right taste and color for Canadian fans.

  • Scotch "whiskey" is produced in Scotland, and it's given the distinctive flavor of Scotch due to the smoking process of barley over peat. For this reason, it takes on a unique taste and flavor of the region in which it is crafted.

  • Japanese whiskey is produced in Japan, and it closely resembles the taste and color of Scotch. Japanese distillers are a bit more adventurous when it comes to distillation methods and types of barrels used, so each batch's flavor profile can vary from distillery to distillery.

  • White whiskey is essentially moonshine, although there is still some controversy surrounding moonshine's scandalous history and production that cause some to insist that the term "moonshine" should only refer to spirits made illegally. Regardless of what you believe, the composition of this blank slate spirit is still the same.

Thirsty yet? Let us whet your whistle!

Palmetto just happens to have a rich legacy of whiskey and moonshine dating back to the days of Appalachian stills and prohibition. These traditions continue even today to bring the taste and flavor of the true South to your family gatherings. Whether you savor whiskey's amber-gold goodness or lip-smacking moonshine flavors, we've got the flavors and the experiences you are seeking. Place your order today! Visit for more information.