The Marriage Of Food And Whiskey

Whiskey with Food

From the dawning of civilization, man has looked for ways to provide comfort, connection, and enjoyment from his inventions and innovations. As a human race, we seem motivated to move toward what is beautiful, tasteful, comfortable, and in higher harmony than what we have access to in our daily lives. Is it any wonder then, that we have found enjoyment and appreciation for spirits? We use them to celebrate, to soothe, to mark special occasions. Palmetto Distillery has been only too happy to provide you with all of the delicious spirits, tools, and curiosities to make life more enjoyably delicious. Every bottle of our award-winning whiskey and lip-smacking moonshine has been lovingly attended to, and we saturate every aspect of our production with a passion for what we do and with mad respect for our predecessors, who had a much more difficult job of carving out a place for distilled spirits in the market that we now serve.

What goes well with whiskey?

We find ourselves wanting to pair it with foods that bring out its color, flavor, and make the most mundane evening a bit most austere for all of those special occasions where we pull out the whiskey. While whiskey and popcorn might serve a purpose at a humble Monday evening football game with close friends, how about we elevate the whole food and drink pairing with offerings that really do enhance one another?

Thanks to connoisseurs who pair foods with our divine amber, we have found some perfect pairings that bring out the sweet smokiness of our Palmetto whiskey. The intention around perfect pairings is to combine so that neither food nor spirit dominates the flavor combo, but rather they add to the experience by enhancing and elevating the flavor notes of the other. Wondering what to serve at your next soiree? Read on to see what we suggest, and see how you can incorporate it into one flavorful evening for all:

  1. Dark chocolate--The unique flavors of dark chocolate and whiskey perfectly complement one another. Be careful when choosing chocolate, however---if you pair one with high sugar content, you'll likely come up dissatisfied. Citrus flavored darks go well with whiskey, as the citrus flavor is enhanced by the spiciness of spirit. Plain darks pair well with a straight-up, and don't get us started on how well hazelnut combines with our vanilla-spiced whiskey profile. The result is a perfect sweet end to a sweet evening; send each guest home with a bottle and a bar.

  2. Cheese--Is there anything better than a good cheese/spirit pairing? Whiskey and cheese have so many things in common; both are aged to perfection, and they come in an array of flavors. Aged cheddar pairs particularly well with Palmetto whiskey, for each mellows out the flavor of the other. For mixed drinks containing our whiskey, consider adding a soft cheese such as a brie or a goat cheese on your hors d'oeuvres tray.

  3. Dried fruits and nuts--Dried fruits and nuts cater to almost every palette at a party or gathering. In general, sweet nuts mix well with strong, peaty whiskeys, while bitter nuts perfectly complement sweet and smoky whiskey blends. Heavily roasted nuts, chewy fruits, and a simple glass of Palmetto will give your taste buds something to savor long after you have consumed the trio.

  4. Grilled steak--Ahhhh, we can just about smell them now. There is nothing quite as succulent or savory as a great grilled steak with a glass of whiskey. Medium-bodied richness combines seamlessly with spicy sweetness in a glass, and the result is magical. Rich and heavy meets spicy and clean, and it will leave you and your guests wanting second helpings of each.

  5. Meatloaf--Who knew that this comfort food would symbiotically play well with a glass of liquid gold? Play around with rich, filling sides such as a good mashed potato and a thick, tangy barbecue sauce, and you'll have the makings of a fulfilling meal all the way around.

  6. Smoked salmon--This rich and delicious snack brings out the spicy, fruity notes of Palmetto whiskey. The two flavors roll around on your tongue and add to a delightful sensory experience that your guests will twitter about even after the party is over.

  7. Apple pie--All-American dessert meets all-American beverage. The light tartness of apple brings out caramel and vanilla notes in Palmetto whiskey, and both flavors create the perfect end to a beautiful evening. More, please.

Ready to order?

Your mouth is likely watering in anticipation of some lovely evenings ahead, thanks to the magic of Palmetto whiskey. Award-winning distillation methods, time-honored recipes, and a commitment to excellence through every step of the process will ensure that your next gathering is something to remember! Visit to place your order today!