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The Best Way To Drink Whiskey This Holiday Season

Bottle of Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

This time of year, people are only too willing to give advice on how to pick the right wine for holiday dinners. What about the whiskey lovers of the world? Where do we fit into these holiday gatherings? Gone are the days when only wine or sparkling juice would do. With an increasing array of drink offerings and food pairings, holiday gatherings and dinners are more accepting now of all the wonderful ways that spirits can be incorporated into your holiday season. Here are some suggestions for how to integrate libations and amp up your celebrations:

Tempting as it may be, wait till the cocktail hour is officially on.

While it may be tempting to dip into the whiskey barrel early on in the day, you’ll soon find that your social appropriateness may be waning as you head into the main meal of the day. About an hour before dinner is served, start mixing up some grand creations with whiskey at the helm. Get creative with your mixology!

Dinner’s on!

Some might appreciate the occasional shot or straight glass at the dinner table, but you can make your whole meal seem more festive with the addition of a flavorful punch with some “punch.” How about an entire punch bowl full of Palmetto’s Maple Leaf recipe, colored with equal parts lemon juice and maple syrup? As sweet as it is flavorful, this will complement almost any tablescape and start up some interesting conversation around your savvy cocktail style.

Of course, for the purists at your table, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating the natural spicy, earthy flavors of a whiskey on the rocks. Since food at your table is likely living in the rich, sweet, soft, and dense category, a glass of straight whiskey will live in stark contrast to your dinner fare, refreshing the palette and providing that much needed reset between courses.

After dinner…...there must be dessert

This is where the addition of whiskey at your holiday table can really shine. Served with a rich slice of creamy pumpkin or a decadent pecan pie, it amps up the flavors of both desserts perfectly. You may also choose to use whiskey as a dessert in and of itself, adding a splash of cinnamon and nutmeg for extra flavor as it helps to soothe the digestive assault you’ve just been subjected to. Cozy up around the television for some afternoon football and simply enjoy each other’s company.

The perfect end to a perfect celebration

As you pack up your leftovers and reminisce about holidays past, you can pour yourself another glass and sip to make cleaning and organizing go faster. Take a break and sit around with your friends, family, and other loved ones for some after-dinner sweets and grazing (who are we kidding, we never really stop eating on these days!) while you sip whiskey neat and pack up extra turkey and stuffing for all of your guests. It’s the perfect way to end an ideal celebration.

Let Palmetto spice up your holiday season!

Palmetto Distillery’s austere whiskey and moonshine offerings bring flavor and frivolity to your holiday season. Our award-winning recipes and time-tested distillation methods ensure that you get the highest quality spirits in every bottle. Whether you are looking for a truly unique gift for loved ones or a truly delicious addition to your holiday gatherings, look no further. We have the taste and flavor that your guests will all savor. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com today to schedule your tasting and pick up your holiday spirits today. Have a most delicious holiday season!