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Surprising Uses For An Empty Whiskey Bottle

Palmetto Whiskey Bottle

With a little bit more holiday celebrating going on, you may find yourself with a few extra empty whiskey or moonshine bottles on your hands, courtesy of Palmetto Distillery. We know that we’ve got the market cornered on quality spirits, and we are excited about adding to your holiday cheer by giving your parties and home activities a little extra flair.

Now before you go sailing off to the recycle bin one more time, consider the part you can play on the environment by repurposing your whiskey and moonshine receptacles. How creative can you get? If you are coming up short with ideas, check out some of the innovative ways’ others are turning their trash into treasure. Here are some cool yet surprising ways to transform your whiskey bottles:

  1. Turn it into a vase or carafe. If it holds your favorite spirit, it can certainly hold any beverage. Wash and rinse, and refill with fruit infused water, iced tea, or use it as a vase and have an excuse to buy fresh flowers to fill your home with. If the mood suits you, remove the label and channel your inner Picasso by painting the outside with a theme and colors that are complementary to your home.

  2. Create an infinity beverage. Consider this an ongoing science experiment for you inquisitive adults; save the last few ounces of two bottles and blend them. As you continue savoring and enjoying other delicious varieties of spirits, add them to your infinity bottle and watch the color and flavor change before your eyes. A word of caution: a little “peat” goes a long way---cautiously savor the flavor to ensure that the mixture doesn’t get too strong.

  3. Create a bottle tree for your yard. This trend is taking off in yards across the country; install a wooden or metal rod into your soil, then add “branches” by adding smaller, sturdy metal or wooden rods. Thread empty bottles, upside down, onto your branches and watch your tree grow---no watering or pruning needed.

  4. Make DIY soap dispenser. Rough up your bathroom decor by adding a do-it-yourself soap dispenser featuring your favorite empty bottle of spirits. Bathroom guests will enjoy your ingenuity while getting the impression that you are a smart and savvy consumer of delicious spirits. Simply fill with your favorite liquid soap, affix a pump or spigot to the top, and let the scrubbing begin!

  5. Decorate with lights. Holiday season or not, there is something warm and welcoming about twinkle lights in your home. Thread your favorite colors through empty bottles and hang or display for some light and ambiance in any room of your house.

  6. Transform those bottles into tiki torches. Whiskey aficionados are natural innovators and risk takers; few would shy away from the task of transforming an empty bottle into a backyard tiki torch. Assemble teflon tape, a coupling that will fit over your bottle, a tiki wick, and some tiki fuel to get the party started. Fill the bottle approximately half full with fuel, then thread the wick through the coupling, let it soak for at least 15 minutes, then light for party fun.

  7. Make your own candles. What better way to bring ambience into your atmosphere than by crafting unique, colorful, and aromatic candles in your living space? Use of favorite colors, essential oils, and favorite spices will bring individual flair and flavor to any room you place them in.

  8. Craft a lamp. Only attempt a lamp if you are a confident DIY project engineer. A lamp can stand freely on your favorite coffee table, or it can hang in a corner of the room to brighten up dead space. While homemade lamps are beautiful and functional, they should only be attempted if you have knowledge of how to safely work with electrical components and wiring. For more information on how to craft a lamp from an empty bottle, click here.

We’ll help you craft and create…..while you celebrate!

Palmetto has your back---whether you’re looking to ramp up your holiday celebrations, or you have need of some fresh and innovative “green” decorating ideas, we have what it takes to get the job done. Award-winning spirits, resilient glass bottles, and a commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that you have the best experience possible. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com to place your next order today!