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Stuck At Home? How To Drink Responsibly When There Is Little Else To Do!

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Recent life events have many of us navigating an increasingly topsy-turvy world; we encounter circumstances and situations that we haven’t dealt with for hundreds of years. Our recent pandemic has uprooted almost every aspect of life as we know it. Parents are becoming teachers, teachers are working and parenting, healthcare workers are stretched to the limit, and the only sanity we have is connecting with others over video calls and Facetime chats.

A low hum of anxiety has settled over the country, and we are looking for ways to soothe our nerves and embrace a new way of thinking, being, and doing. For many, having a few drinks at the end of a long day of sitting in front of the computer has become the socially accepted norm of relaxing. Alcohol is easy to get; it’s customizable, and it is one of the few left available to us for relaxation and enjoyment. Thanks to recent restrictions and suggestions of our federal government to “stay home,” alcohol sales have soared in recent months. We sincerely hope you are buying the good stuff from us at Palmetto Distillery---everyone else is merely trying to aspire to our standard of excellence.

Enjoying alcohol responsibly during the quarantine

How does drinking more than usual, or even drinking in general, translate to health and happiness during the quarantine months? How can we maintain healthy habits and enjoy some adult beverages while adhering to strict social distancing guidelines?

First of all, it is essential to be mindful….and honest….about your consumption. If you are scrolling through social media and seeing posts of everyone else’s beautifully crafted cocktails that they are sharing with loved ones over a lamb shank dinner, know this is not necessarily an accurate picture of what everyday life is like at home. Here are some other ways that you can adhere to responsibility….and a little bit of frivolity….when it comes to enjoying beverages:

  • Limit your consumption if needed. Make drinking a celebratory, enjoyable experience. Regularly drinking to “take the edge off” or “just to relax” creates a situation where you might come to rely on alcohol to maintain emotional homeostasis. Be aware of your consumption to safeguard your health and enjoy a little bit of rest and relaxation during your downtime.

  • Stay mentally and physically well. People who maintain mental and physical fitness routines at home are more likely to imbibe responsibly than those who use it to disconnect and forget about the state of the world’s affairs. Commit to eating right, exercising, and practicing stress management techniques that will allow you to keep beverage consumption in a recreational light.

  • Reach out and connect to others. People who use quarantine restrictions to isolate may feel more loneliness, despair, and desolation than those who regularly reach out and connect to others via online meetings and other creative ways of interacting. Do what you can to stay connected and to maintain the health of significant and important relationships in your life. You’ll be less likely to drink more to compensate for these uncomfortable feelings.

  • Stay hopeful! It is now more important than ever to embrace the fun, positive side of life and look for opportunities to shift our perspective from one of anxiety to gratitude. The more we can do this, the less likely we will turn to alcohol consumption for anything other than a relaxing and fun.

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