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Spending Some Time Indoors? Enjoy These Delicious Cocktails!

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Do recent life events have you taking refuge indoors? Are you taking time to re-evaluate your priorities, and to spend some much-needed time with family? Let’s be honest….it can be quite challenging to spend time indoors and get creative with activities for kids, mom, and dad.

These are trying times, but they do not have to stop you and your family from enjoying this time engaging in social distancing. Enjoying a delicious beverage courtesy of Palmetto Distillery and their stellar line of moonshines and whiskeys is the perfect way to enjoy each other and pass the time, creating new and beautiful memories with family and friends. Savor these lip-smacking beverages while working on your favorite board game or puzzle:

Moonshine offerings

Palmetto proprietors, Trey and Bryan Boggs, pay homage to their bootlegging predecessor, Doc Boggs, who started the tradition of distilling and bootlegging moonshine across the deep south. Every jar of award-winning moonshine is handcrafted using age-old recipes and the same distillation methods that Doc used; a quality that stands the test of time is evident in every crafted cocktail. Check out some of our premier recipes using Palmetto Moonshine:

1. Fuzzy moon--Let the best of Palmetto white lightning blend seamlessly with fruity and tart flavors of peach and orange; the delicious combination dances on your tongue and leaves you eager for each new sip.


2 oz Palmetto white lightning moonshine

1 oz Palmetto peach moonshine

3 oz orange juice

Splash of grenadine

Cherries for garnish

Shake well; serve over ice for slow-sipping, tropical paradise in a glass.

2. Monkey moon--Simple and delicious, this cocktail uses ingredients that you are likely to have on hand. Use your favorite flavored cola or some mix ins for extra flavor, and let the fun begin!


2 oz Palmetto white lightning moonshine

4 oz vanilla or cherry-flavored cola (additional flavors at your discretion)

Fruit slices for garnish


Combine moonshine and cola in a glass; pour over ice and garnish with fresh fruit slices. Enjoy!

Whiskey offerings

Even if you favor Scotch and bourbon, you’ll find something to love about Palmetto whiskey. Rye mash and French oak begin a delicate dance, eventually becoming the amber-colored, sweet and spicy beverage that you have come to know and love. Enjoy these delicious cocktails made with Palmetto award-winning whiskey:

1. The Presbyterian---How about a movement of the “spirit” by the fire this evening? A clean, crisp cocktail is good for the body and the soul; serve one up tonight as you spend some quality family time together.


2 oz Palmetto whiskey

2 oz club soda

2 oz ginger ale

Pour over ice and enjoy with fresh lemon or lime wedges.

2. Apple/Pumpkin spice--It’s all about taking some time for self-care and care for the family right now and having those little extras to look forward to making your time together truly special. The apple/pumpkin spice is the perfect blend of crisp and creamy, sweet and spicy, and it will be hard to put down from your very first sip.


2 oz Palmetto whiskey

2 oz spiced apple cider

2 Tbsp pumpkin puree

1 Tbsp maple syrup

Dash cinnamon

Shake well and serve in a frosty glass garnished with a cinnamon stick or nutmeg. Delicious!

Palmetto does delicious right--every time!

Palmetto Distillery is a Southern institution that is taking over the country, and we have aspirations to take over the world! Our delicious beverages and commitment to quality ensure that you are getting the best beverage experience in every glass. Use this time to create some wonderful and warm memories with family and friends and do it with Palmetto beverages! Visit www.palmettodistillery.com today to place your order.