More Than Just Spirits!

Palmetto Distillery Shop

Whiskey and moonshine consumers across the nation have long known about Palmetto Distillery in Anderson, South Carolina. Owners Trey and Bryan Boggs take pride in their passion for quality spirits, and they pass this on to thousands of satisfied clients each year who tour their top-notch distillery, sample products, and become lifelong customers of their distinctive brand.

How did it all start?

After hearing tales of their infamous ancestor, Doc Boggs, a local musician and known craftsman of all things related to spirits, Trey and Bryan were intrigued. They began digging for more information related to the recipes and distillation methods that earned Doc his stellar reputation for delivering quality goods all across the South. Upon finding this information, the decision to carry on his legacy through the creation of Palmetto Distillery seemed like destiny in the making.

Using signature recipes handed down for generations, distillation methods and production secrets that ensured delicious spirits, and a passion for making their dreams come true, the Boggs brothers have made their infamous relatives proud. Palmetto Distillery is now a leading producer and distributor of some of the finest whiskey and moonshine in the country, and the sky's the limit for this ambitious pair.

Sounds delicious….but there's more!

Whether you've enjoyed a glass of amber gold whiskey and lip-smacking moonshine in recent months, or you have yet to sample and sip some of the best spirits that money can buy, you'll be delighted to find out that there's more where that came from! Did you know that Palmetto Distillery offers a host of other products and merchandise that you can use and enjoy while you promote your love of Palmetto's superior products? Read on to see what else is available to you, and how you can enhance everything from your pantry to your home to your wardrobe with Palmetto's distinctive line of merchandise:

  1. Goat milk soap--Palmetto offers a distinctive line of all-natural soaps made from pure goat milk. Uniquely scented in "flavors" of peach, blackberry, and vanilla bean, you'll immerse yourself in a sensory experience while nourishing your skin and refining the art of self-care.

  2. Barrel wax--All you wannabe distillers out there can grab yourselves a bona fide piece of the action with some barrel wax. Barrel wax is used to seal up holes and cracks in oak barrels used to distill and keep wine, whiskey, and spirits safely inside. While you may not have too many oak barrels lying around, barrel wax is a unique conversation piece and an aspect of distilling history that may be considered a collector's item by discriminating consumers.

  3. Moonshine candles---Not to worry, these candles contain zero alcohol so that they can be safely enjoyed in various places throughout your home. Coming in an array of vibrant colors and delicious scents, they are poured right into the same Mason jars that our moonshine is packaged in. Just pop the top, light, and enjoy a delightful aroma as it wafts through your home.

  4. Sanitizing products--Yes, Palmetto answered the call. At the request of our customers who demanded a safe place to purchase sanitizing products for home and work, we designed our own brand of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing spray. Using many of the same production methods we employ in our beverage development, we handcraft each batch, ensuring its maximum efficacy and safety for use throughout your home and workplace.

  5. Stylish clothing options--Ladies and gentlemen, you now have the opportunity to pay homage to one of your favored premier spirits providers while looking spectacular. Stylish clothing options such as t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hats, and other Palmetto wear communicate to others that you are refined and discriminating when it comes to your love of whiskey.

  6. Drinkware--From shot glasses, trays, and koozies to unique pottery flasks, Palmetto offers a number of drinkware options in which to enjoy your favorite spirit. Are you having a party soon? This would be the perfect place to order up some unique drinkware that will set your guests up for a delicious evening.

What will you choose?

Perhaps it's time that you peruse those hidden corners of our website; with a number of surprising gifts, accessories, clothing, and truly unique items, you never know what you'll end up finding. What will you put in your cart today, in addition to some of our delicious spirits? Start shopping! Visit to place your order.