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If Whiskey Could Talk, Here Is What It Would Tell You?

Palmetto Whiskey Bottle

Whiskey….. that golden nectar that enhances our weekend activities, warms nights by the fire, and provides social stimulation that can be reminisced upon long after the party has ended. What is it about whiskey that draws us in for more? Is it the spiciness and flavor that entices us to enjoy our glass so much? Perhaps it’s time with friends and family that can be shared over delicious cocktails in a raucous party atmosphere. For some, it might be the intrigue surrounding its inception and the mystery of the process that transforms grain into gold.

What if whiskey could talk? What if it could divulge some secrets to satisfy your curiosity? What would it tell us? Perhaps we should bend down, put an ear to our glass, and listen for some pearls of wisdom, some little-known facts about whiskey that make it even more irresistible. Let’s listen……….

I started as a beer

I am made from something called “wort,” which is essentially a beer. Wort is comprised of all the elements that you would find in your classic chilled beer--water, yeast, and malt. The process of distillation that I go through is to eliminate pests, and it results in a wonderful byproduct called whiskey.

Batches exist that are over 150 years old

In my oldest form, I belong to the Bonham family from London, who purchased me at an auction for a staggering 14,000 pounds. I am over 150 years old, having been bottled sometime between 1851 and 1858. If they have had the privilege of opening and tasting me, I’m sure that I have satisfied every curiosity and satiated every taste aspiration.

My name means “water of life.”

Whiskey is Gaelic for “water of life.” When first distilled and distributed to the masses, it was used for everything from cooking to cleaning and quenching thirst. With water supplies being scarce and sketchy, I was a sure bet that I could get the job done without making anyone too ill.

I share my bounty with the angels.

Approximately 2 percent of each batch of whiskey evaporates through barrels. This bounty is known as the “angel’s pinch,” for I am sharing of myself with the heavenly inspiration that brought about my inception. This process of evaporation is closely linked to folklore and tales of prosperity through distillation, and some distillers “still” take it very seriously.

Scotch brands generate over $200 every second

Scotland exports over 2500 bottles per minute to every corner of the globe. This is a most impressive figure when you account for eating, sleeping, and other pleasures. Those Scots know how to move a tasty brew!

A good blend needs at least three years to age

Before that, my illustrious name cannot be used to identify any batch that is younger than the required three years. Some distilleries boast casks that have been percolating for 70+ years; it is well worth the wait to open one of these barrels to experience superior flavor.

No one really knows how I came about

Did those angels have a hand in my creation? Some say it was monks who had the first sips of heavenly brew have a brand on the “holy spirit”? Regardless of my historical entrance, millions are glad that I enhance their lives with my delicious, divine nature.

I can benefit your health!

Studies indicate that drinking a moderate amount of whiskey can actually reduce your chances of developing diabetes by a whopping 40 percent, and other studies point to a reduction in conditions that promote the development of cancer. While this is not an excuse to be irresponsible in your consumption, you can use the argument that I am good for your social life AND your health.

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