How About A Good Book To Go With Your Whiskey or Moonshine?

Man reading a book

We love our fans! Palmetto Distillery would not be as successful or prominent in the world of spirits without you; your brand loyalty and the uniqueness of this supportive group of patrons causes us to continually work harder, faster, and more efficiently to enhance your experience with our award-winning whiskey and moonshine, no matter what the occasion.

Who is a Palmetto patron, anyway?

We see our loyal customers as discriminating, intelligent, wanting to live each day with joy and fervor that adds flavor to life. From the most auspicious event to a quiet night at home by the fire, we know that you enjoy Palmetto beverages not only because of their flavor and exceptional taste, but how they come to be. We know you have an appreciation for the process--the hard work, research, and development that goes into crafting every glass of delicious amber-gold goodness and lip-smacking moonshine, and for that, we thank you. We’re going to reward that inner “scholar” with a list of guilty indulgences to put on your book reading list. For those who love the process as much as they love the product, here is a list of “must-reads” as you sit down with your favorite cuppa; read on to see what you can add to your library to continue to deepen your appreciation of the distilling process:

  • The Art Of Distilling Whiskey And Other Spirits: An Enthusiast’s Guide To The Artisan Distilling Of Potent Potables--Bill Owens, Alan Dikty, and Fritz Maytag This backstage peek into the distilling world brings you from grain room to bottle room and gives you an intimate look at everything in between. While other books give you more of a historical perspective into distilling and its development, this one covers production in such detail that you can consider yourself an expert after the last cover is closed. Impress friends and colleagues at your next dinner party with trivia and trifles from this technical side of distilling, all while sipping your favorite beverage.

  • Good Spirits: A New Look At Ol’ Demon Alcohol--Gene Logsdon Best known as the “contrary farmer,” Logsdon puts his own unique perspective on distilling and why it became popular across the country during its infancy. He regales tales of farmers who grew grains simply for the business of distilling, then returning the residue for animal consumption (and the manure for additional crop growth). However gross it may seem, the circle of life continues, and we appreciate their efforts as we savor and sip our favored spirits.

  • The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create The World’s Greatest Drinks--Amy Stewart Behind every great drink is a plant that started the whole process. Sake began with a grain of rice; rich scotch emerged from simple barley, and gin was born from a conifer shrub as a botanist tried valiantly to treat a kidney disorder with juniper oil and clear spirits. This book gets behind the science of plant growth and their many uses in creating the spirits that we know and love. Dig deep into the science of transformation, and you’ll likely appreciate that drink in your hands even more.

  • Craft Of Whiskey Distilling--Bill Owens If you wanted to dabble in the process of home-distillation--or even commercial distillation--this might be one book to add to your collection. Owens leads us masterfully through the process of distillation, gives tips on materials and methods to use, and at the end, we are left with detailed instructions on how to expertly craft a barrel of 120-proof malt whiskey. Now, if that isn’t money well spent on a paperback, we don’t know what is! Cozy up and grab a notebook; you may want to take notes on this one.

  • The Essential Scratch Sniff Guide To Becoming A Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before You Choose--Richard Betts, Crystal English, Saca, and Wendy MacNaughton If the title alone won’t pique your interest, you may not be a true connoisseur of spirits. This novella covers scintillating topics such as why some distilleries spell their beverage with an “ey” while others do not, the difference between whiskeys of the world, and the importance of grain selection when it comes to taste. Believe it or not, the scratch and sniff element of instruction is also there, allowing budding enthusiasts to determine their own taste and bouquet preferences before they buy.

Intrigued? Let’s get you a beverage before you start reading!

When it comes to providing award-winning beverages at affordable prices with convenient delivery, Palmetto Distillery has you covered! Whether you want a traditional whiskey or a lightning-fast moonshine that you can combine with your favored mix-ins, we can ensure that your next reading session will include an additional treat. Cozy up by the fire with one of our premier beverages and feel all the more sophisticated while doing so. Visit today to place your order.