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Hand Sanitizer And Whiskey? What's Up?

Palmetto Distillery Hand Sanitizer

The mark of any profitable business is its ability to adjust to the laws of supply and demand. Business owners have done it for centuries, predicting what consumers want, need, and desire. They then craft products and services that cater to these needs, making their wares virtually irresistible.

Still knee-deep in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, many business owners find themselves with rising operating costs, rent that is due, and the decline in sales. A personal and professional interest in seeing us pull ourselves out of this health crisis has driven many to find solutions not only for themselves but for the greater public as a whole.

Hand Sanitizer?

You would think that whiskey production would have experienced a dramatic shift in supply during a worldwide pandemic, although this is not the case. Palmetto Distillery and many others have been watching and listening to the needs of the public. They are responding to the demand for hand sanitizer by producing and distributing this once scarce resource like champs.

In March of this past year, the price of a Purell hand sanitizer box skyrocketed from $30 to almost $200, and it began flying off store shelves in anticipation of this shortage. Customers far and wide began hoarding cleaning products, toilet paper, and sanitizer in an attempt to protect themselves from the onset of the corona virus.

Making The Switch

Making a proactive and humanitarian decision to help millions during the pandemic, Palmetto and other distilleries contacted the World Health Organization in an attempt to begin making the switch---albeit temporary--from whiskey and moonshine to hand sanitizer. Any product that is sold under the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau has to follow strict production and distribution guidelines; these new rules and regulations might have been a challenge to learn, but it was worth it for the devoted and caring professionals working at these distilleries. Their first concern is and always has been the well-being of their customers. Feeling this need at a critical time it seemed like a necessary thing to do.

A proper hand sanitizer mixture begins with ethanol. As there is no shortage of ethanol found in distilleries, the switch to making hand sanitizer was quite natural. Additional ingredients include glycerin, water, and hydrogen peroxide. Mixtures undergo a strict quality assurance protocol, and products are bottled, packaged, and sealed according to each individual distillery. The move to production of something so critical has been considered a very classy move in the industry. Several other businesses across the nation are now following suit, putting aside their pursuit of prosperity and doing something for the greater good.

Palmetto's role

Palmetto Distillery was one of the forerunners to make the switch to production of hand sanitizer, and their adoring customers far and wide now have an additional reason to celebrate their business and the fundamental principles that drive them forward. Palmetto wasn't just content to bottle hand sanitizer, however. A number of additional sanitizing products have now surfaced, and they are helping to restock shelves and distribute them to areas most hard hit by the shortage. Some of their innovative products include:

  • Sanitizing gel

  • Commercial cleaning products

  • Body wipes

  • Spray sanitizer

  • Traditional sanitizer

  • Large volumes of sanitizing lotion and gel suitable for personal or commercial use.

Thanks to our devoted staff's innovation and creativity, we can fill your supply when you most need it. We will continue to hear your voice, listen to your voice, and attend to your needs, and we'll make it through this together.

Of course, there's still whiskey!

Oh no, we haven't stopped production of our award-winning whiskey and moonshine. In fact, we're selling it in droves, and it tastes better than ever before! Lip-smacking flavors of shine and creamy amber whiskey can still be yours, whether you need sanitizer or not. Thank you, loyal customers, for your ongoing patronage, and we wish you and your family health and wellness in the months and years to come! Visit www.palmettodistillery.com to place your order today!