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Customers From All Walks Of Life Love Palmetto Distillery's Moonshine and Whiskey

Palmetto Distillery is known far and wide for their excellence in creating some of the best moonshine and whiskey that money can buy. Through credence to our past, attention to the present, and a bright focus on the future, we intend to keep our austere supply flowing to you, our valued customers.

One thing we enjoy is interacting with customers; finding out about likes and dislikes, preferences and personal past times, so that we can serve you better. We have found that although the type of person we are catering to varies greatly, customers stick with us simply because our products and customer service are second to none. While you may not fit into the following discriminating consumer profiles, we welcome your thirsty business anytime; drop by for a cocktail, a tour, or just to tell us how fabulous we are. Just who has been drinking all of our moonshine? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite customers and how they use our moonshine to enhance their lives:

The quiet consumer

This loyal customer enjoys his/her drink at home after a long day of work. They secretly revel in the history behind moonshine, and they like to fancy themselves a part of that as they sip a Carolina Cocktail at the end of the day. The exquisite blend of white lightning, peach schnapps, and blue curacao dance on their tongue as they savor the evening at home with family at their side.

The socialite

This loyal customer loves to throw parties---barbecues, receptions, showers, dinners; you name it; any of these is an excuse to bust out some of the best moonshines around. Guests always marvel at the clever use of moonshine in conversation and cocktails, and they always leave gatherings with a little more trivia and a few more juicy tidbits about the history of moonshine and how it came to be such an integral part of American history. The socialite knows how to throw a party just as well as he knows how to enjoy a Grapefruit Fizz, a tart and tangy surprise that will wake up your mouth and your inclination to socialize.

The historian

This loyal customer is so enamored of the history behind moonshine and the period of American history known as Prohibition that he fancies himself a part of it. His job is to not only enjoy the fruits of our labor in every glass of Palmetto Swamp Water, but to regale tales of the scandalous nature of how moonshine came to be to anyone who has ears to listen. Spreading the news of moonshine’s rise to prominence and triumph over conflict with the law, he gains new followers with every glass of shine shared with family and friends.

The passionate

This loyal customer has only one drink--his drink of choice is any flavor of moonshine you serve up. He has tried and tasted many beverages in his lifetime, but he has become discriminating in his taste and selection of only the best spirits, and he has chosen Palmetto Distillery to serve and enjoy. Others may try to sway his opinion by offering other spirits, but there is no shaking the passionate one. He will be a loyal customer for years to come, never tiring of our commitment to quality and lip-smacking array of flavors that will keep his privileged palette satisfied. There is only Palmetto.

Are you our next loyal customer?

With the millions of loyal customers happily enjoying Palmetto Distillery, we can’t help but wonder--are you going to be our next patron? Have we teased and titillated you to the point where you simply must look at our delicious beverage offerings? Is the history and heritage of moonshine calling out to you? Do you want to be a part of the legacy of American culture that brought us this wonderful drink? Visit our distillery and see what wonderful things are happening at Palmetto! Whether you are in the mood to tour, taste, or buy, you will find a truly unique spirit experience and a new appreciation for the American culture that helped create our passion. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com today!