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Why We Are So Passionate About Spirits!

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

There is a reason that whiskey has taken the world by storm these days. While other industries tote “flash in the pan” philosophies that quickly fizzle, the whiskey industry is fueled by attributes that stand the test of time---passion, storytelling, strategy, and vision. These are key elements that help us thrive while we create profits, increase our brand awareness, and stand out!

Palmetto Distillery already has the distinction of being based on the rich heritage and traditions of our bootlegging ancestors; many of our distillation methods and even our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, giving us the historic gold standard of product creation that many people seek as they look for an authentic whiskey experience. What else makes us so passionate about the spirits that we create, and the experience we aim to create for each and every one of you, our thirsty patrons? Here’s why we do what we do, and why we do it so well:

We have a story to tell.

Through our product, we tell a story that is historically significant, both to us and to all Americans. Dock Boggs, our bootlegging forerunner, was the seedling of Palmetto Distillery, growing up in rural Virginia at a time where innovation was key to survival. A talented yet struggling musician who was trying to make his way in the world and raise a family, he turned to bootleg and distillation as a means of additional support for his wife and children. This creative thinking on his part led to the inception of the institution known as Palmetto Distillery today; many of the traditions we use in distillation and the recipes we use to craft our award-winning spirits are Dock’s own concoctions, and we are proud of the heritage and legacy he left us that continues to prosper his ancestors. We tell our story and sell our spirits with pride!

We love what we do!

Good whiskey is born from a passion for the craft. Standing behind our brand, our company philosophy, and our product is of utmost importance to us as we continue to create some of the finest whiskey and moonshine in the country. We believe that as we communicate our love for our products and what we do, that will inspire you to love our products and the experience that we can provide you as you sip and savor our quality wares.

We own our market niche.

Our identity lies in our quality products and exceptional service. We have built a brand that inspires a loyal following--once you have tasted Palmetto’s offerings, you’ll find that all other brands pale in comparison. A wide array of moonshine flavors and even suggested drink offerings continue to please your palette and entertain your guests as you enjoy and share our story with others.

We are continually refining and improving our quality standards.

Any thriving business continues to refine and “distill” ideas several times to find the perfect methods that make them most successful. Likewise, we are continually reviewing our production processes and product offerings to ensure that we are bringing you the very best, and that we can improve your customer experience with every quality measure that we put in place. We do what it takes to create perfect blends and brews for you, our valued customers.

We have a vision for the future.

We are thinking ahead, planning for the future, and examining the market to bring to you the very best experience that money can buy. This whiskey-making process is serious business; it takes years of planning, preparation, and a lot of patience to create the perfect blend of ingredients and expertise that results in perfect whiskey. Keeping our eye on the prize through the entire process ensures that you are getting a high quality, delicious product in every bottle, no matter how long the process takes. Our vision for the future is to continue to provide these exceptional spirits for years to come and to create a loyal following of satisfied customers whose thirst can only be quenched by our delicious products.

Palmetto Distillery: Passion Behind Every Step!

At Palmetto Distillery, we have passion for what we do and even more passion for the products that we create. Our objective is to create a perfect cocktail experience for you in every glass that we craft. If you want to taste the difference that integrity and passion can create in our spirits, look no further. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com for a true “spirit”-ual experience!