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Superb Spirit and Food Pairings For Your Next Gathering

Whiskey with Cheese

Are the winter months getting you down? Do you find yourself smack dab in the middle of this lackluster season, wishing you had something to look forward to? Consider putting on a social event that will be the talk of the town and send you sailing into spring and looking forward to more opportunities to eat drink, and be merry.

Wondering what to serve with our top-notch Palmetto Distillery spirits? Although there is always a bit of controversy around whether whiskey should be enjoyed alone or in combination with food, we think any situation is appropriate for enjoyment. Thanks to whiskey connoisseurs who have gone before, we now know what types of foods pair well with the divine amber that we know and love. Food and spirit pairings should be done in such a way that neither taste overpowers the other, but they enhance the flavors as they mix on your tongue. They should work together to elevate your experience.

Here are some of the best picks to serve at your next gathering:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate and whiskey really compliment one another. The rich, deep flavor is much preferred over other sugary types of chocolates, so pick a good quality dark chocolate with lots of flavor. You may want to try flavor infused chocolate with orange or lemon that is sure to dance with the citrus notes found in whiskey. Good milk chocolate infused with ginger or chili pairs well for those moments when you want the flavors to linger on your tongue. Never underestimate the power of good hazelnut chocolate; this pairs well with just about any spirit. If you want a perfect bite of dessert after a long evening of stimulating conversation, this pairing is an exceptional choice.


Whiskey and cheese have so many things in common--they both age exceptionally well, they come in an array of pleasing aromas and flavors, and they complement one another perfectly. Aged cheddar’s rich tanginess settles in nicely with whiskey’s smoky undertones, while the strength of a premium blue cheese is enhanced by the spiciness of our best batches. Soft cheeses like brie and goat cheese just melt on the tongue as they marry the sweet bouquet that whiskey has to offer. No matter how you slice it up, cheese is a wonderful accompaniment to our bold and daring Palmetto Distillery whiskey.

Fruit and nuts

A classic choice for any gathering, you can never go wrong with the delightful combination of fruit and nuts--there are so many pairings to choose from! Balancing sweet with salty, bold with bland will ensure that your taste buds get the whole range of flavors as you savor a sip of whiskey and let an explosion of taste swirl around in your mouth. Try some delightful crisp pear with a salty pecan, or the austere combo of dried blueberry, raspberry, and walnut as you savor and appreciate all that the bounty of nature has to offer in combination with Palmetto’s best.

Grilled steak

Nothing screams whiskey chaser like a good grilled steak. Deep rich, smoky flavors in a good aged batch of whiskey pair well with a prime cut of beef; young and old, men and women alike will adore this match made in heaven. Serve them both together with confidence!

Smoked salmon

The essence of smoked salmon brings out all of the subtle fruit flavors in whiskey and elevates your tasting experience beyond ordinary fare. Smoked salmon and whiskey bring your party atmosphere to a whole new level, combining subtle, smoky and spicy flavors for something brilliant.

Apple pie

No two flavors are quite as American as apple pie and a good, staunch whiskey. Wonderfully sweet caramel undertones work in tandem with tart, fresh apples and a light, buttery, flaky crust to round out an elegant meal and make your dessert dreams come true.

Palmetto Distillery--Savor The Flavor!

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