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Are You Ready For The Superior Whiskey Experience?

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

While the legacy of American whiskey is a proud tradition beginning with bootlegging in Appalachia, the fact of the matter is that whiskey has been distilled for centuries in many areas of the world and in several different ways. Each batch comes enriched with the history of the people, the country, and the culture that it comes from, along with a loyal group of enthusiasts who sing its praises as it slides down the hatch.

We here in America are staunch supporters of American whiskey, but we must pay homage to those whiskey pioneers that have gone before us and contributed to the birth of our culture in ways that shaped the formation of our whiskey-loving society. Our amber hues are brewed as rich and deep as our appreciation of the spirit, but we have to wonder--who does it better? Let’s examine some of our American whiskey competitors to see once and for all who holds the superior brew?

Irish Whiskey

Lovers of picklebacks, rejoice--this whiskey has a long and lusty tradition that contributes to raucous behavior and camaraderie like you’ve never experienced before. Irish whiskeys are exceptionally light and easily mixed, and will too easily seduce your senses, sneaking up on you in those moments when you least expect it. While there has been a recent surge in popularity of some Irish whiskeys in American culture, the reality is that it pales in comparison--both in taste and in rich Amber hue--to our multi-layered blends of rye and barley that we’ve come to know and love.

Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey is mashed, distilled, and produced in Canada almost exclusively. Once generated solely from barley, distillers have now expanded their repertoire to include elements of corn and wheat. Canadian whiskey tends to have both a lighter flavor and color than its American counterparts. If you are not a seasoned whiskey drinker, you might appreciate the whimsical qualities that Canadian whiskey possesses. On the other hand, if you can handle a real whiskey experience, consider American. You won’t regret it!

Scottish Whiskey

While Scottish whiskey sales in the United States have grown in recent years, American whiskey distilleries remain steadfast competitors. Scottish whiskey has a distinctive flavor and color palette, giving the patron a most unique spirit experience, while American whiskey remains true to its roots, providing a depth of flavor and an aromatic bouquet that one remembers long after the last drop is savored on the tongue.

And The Winner Is…………

With unique and innovative distillation methods and attention to detail in crafting every batch, American whiskey corporations are at the head of the class when it comes to excellent quality and affordable price points. The ultimate decision, of course, is left up to you, the consumer, as you experiment with different tastes and flavors to find the perfect brew for you.

Still Searching For The Perfect Whiskey? We Can Help!

At Palmetto Distillery, we have a passion for great whiskey, and we love to share our passion with others. Expertly brewed blends are crafted for superior taste and quality, and we attend to each step of the distillation process with the same excitement that our bootlegging ancestors did long ago in the deep south. If you want to experience why American whiskey has been acclaimed “the superior whiskey experience,” give us a try. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com to set up a tour, schedule a tasting, or see what product is beckoning. The flavor of the South is calling…..let us quench your thirst!