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Moonshine Culture: Is It Making A Comeback?

Palmetto Moonshine

Moonshine, created by outlaws in backwoods Appalachia for decades, was known only to an underground culture that ran as deep as its loyal following, with most “respectable” folks not knowing anything about its production and distribution, let alone its taste.

With the recent surge of popularity that has brought whiskey and moonshine distillation to the forefront once more, we have to muse about moonshine culture…...is it making a comeback?

Hooch has been created and distributed across Appalachia and the deep south since the 1800s, with most libertarian-leaning independents in that part of the country making a living or at least some extra pocket money off of its creation. Moonshine held its appeal as a quick money maker because of the speed at which it could be produced and the low cost of materials that went into creating each batch. These same two characteristics that made “shine” attractive for distribution also lent themselves to its harsh character and unpredictable effects that it could have on the consumer.

Another attractive aspect of moonshining was that it was “forbidden.” Many people sought out moonshine during Prohibition, fancying themselves dangerous and trendy because in consuming it, they were living outside the long arm of the law. While many small batch moonshine operations still operate independently, the fact that production has now been made legal in many states makes moonshine more accessible to a larger audience. Palmetto Distillery and other distilleries across the south are now legally making and distributing high-quality moonshine that carries with it remnants of a scandalous history combined with strict production codes that distilleries must adhere to in order to ensure product safety and quality. The result? All the taste, less guilt and definitely less risk to the consumer.

In recent years, moonshine has made a comeback, with the recession of 2008 and 2009 hitting Southern states hard. States looked for ways to generate additional revenue and generate employment; one simple way to accomplish both was to loosen laws that had previously governed the operation of distilleries. 2009 was a year that opened the way for other counties and states to make moonshine production legal once more. Palmetto Distillery founders, Trey and Bryan Boggs draw upon the rich heritage South Carolina’s spirit production and the expertise of their bootlegging ancestors to create some of the finest moonshine money can buy.

Why Is Moonshine Culture Once Again Gaining Popularity?

With moonshine becoming more readily available and due to the quality control measures that are imposed by a watchful U.S. government, consumer confidence and interest in this product continue to grow. Trendy consumers are looking for a product that is unique, distinctive, and locally sourced. They look for high-quality production, tasty flavor combinations, and novelty in both consuming and presenting to others. Moonshine fits the bill as this unique drink, serving up a bit of intrigue along with lip-smacking flavors that preserve its historic evolution.

Smart distilleries are jumping on the moonshine bandwagon, realizing its gain in popularity and the high demand for the product. Its ease of production doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making a profit as well; many distilleries find moonshine easier to distill than their trademark whiskeys. The challenge comes in presenting what may seem an ordinary American product as a unique spirit experience.

Palmetto Distillery: Creating The Perfect Moonshine Experience

Moonshine is part of our American history, and at Palmetto, we celebrate this legacy by paying tribute to those hard-working, hard-partying Americans who have gone before us. We believe that the most respectful way we can pay homage to our bootlegging ancestors is to continue the fine traditions that they began so many years ago. Every recipe we craft has been handed down from our ancestors, our distillation methods remain much the same as they did years ago, and we are committed to bringing you the best moonshine experience that money can buy. If you want to taste the flavor of the deep South and celebrate moonshine culture with us, contact us today. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com and see what flavor is calling you!