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Ring In The New Year With Some Real Spirits

Palmetto Distillery Drinks

As we think about closing out 2018 with family, friends, and festive occasions, one of the things we are no doubt looking forward to is some sort New Year’s celebration. New Year’s is synonymous with toasting at midnight, reflecting on the blessings of the last year, and setting resolutions for the year ahead. As champagne has been the standard toast for most at these gatherings, we here at Palmetto Distillery know that you’ve been craving something more. Champagne is still a very classy way to ring in the new year, but choosing savory spirits such as whiskey and moonshine is a far more cosmopolitan way to bring in 2019. Palmetto Whiskey A superior spirit for the austere and refined guest, Palmetto whiskey is a spirit of uncompromising quality and excellent taste. Notes of caramel and vanilla dance on your tongue as you enjoy the rich, amber hue and spicy aroma that washes over your senses. A smooth and delicious experience, savoring the taste of this excellent whiskey will certainly end 2018 on a high note for all who choose to enjoy.

  • The Perfect New Year’s Whiskey Cocktail: The Presbyterian The Presbyterian is a high-end cocktail that will add flavor to any occasion. To craft a Presbyterian: 1 ½ oz Palmetto whiskey 2 oz club soda 2 oz ginger ale Serve over ice for the perfect cocktail experience

  • The Perfect New Year’s Whiskey Cocktail: The Maple Leaf This blend of flavors will have inspired guests singing your praises, thanking you for a most unique cocktail experience. To craft a Maple Leaf: 2 oz Palmetto Whiskey ¾ oz maple syrup ¾ oz lemon juice Shake well and pour over ice for the perfect little blend of sweet and tart

Palmetto Moonshine The rebellious spirit of those moonshiners who have gone before us lives in every single pint of Palmetto moonshine that we craft. We take a great deal of pride in the history and heritage of our establishment, as our roots go back into Appalachian territory when moonshining became part of American history. Our award-winning moonshine is crafted from quality corn mash, using the same recipe that Doc Boggs did when he began moonshining himself. Our custom-built copper still ensures that you receive the highest quality distillation of this fine product, and our signature flavors give you a plethora of options for creating the perfect cocktail for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Why not try a few of these at your gathering? Your guests will be abuzz with scandalous excitement as the clock approaches midnight.

  • The Perfect New Year’s Moonshine Cocktail: The Smokin’ Apple The Smokin Apple is the perfect combination of tart and sweet, perfect for the ending and beginning that New Year’s Eve is for many. To craft a Smokin’ Apple: 1 part Palmetto White Lightning Moonshine 3 parts Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine 1 part cranberry juice Mix together well and serve over ice for a perfect bite of tart and sweet

  • The Perfect New Year’s Moonshine Cocktail: The Blackberry Raging Bull If you want to keep your midnight party going well into the wee hours of the morning, consider serving up this little fireball. Not only does this cocktail taste lovely, but it will also be a kick in the pants for those intending to see the first sunrise of the New Year. To craft a Blackberry Raging Bull: 2 oz Palmetto Blackberry Moonshine 1 can Red Bull Use this one sparingly, as it packs a powerful punch!

Palmetto Will Help You Ring In The New Year! With so many flavors and options to choose from, it seems it is time to step away from conventional champagne toasts at midnight. Let Palmetto Distillery’s award-winning products liven up your New Year’s gathering this year. Your guests will be eagerly awaiting that magical moment when they can toast together and savor these delicious flavor combinations. Trust Palmetto for all of your party needs this holiday season; we will deliver the goods. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com for more information and to place your party order today!