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Add A Little Whiskey, A Little Moonshine: Recipes Made Better With Spirits

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When you think about how to spruce up your next party--and the food that you’ll be serving at your party, there is no better way to enhance the flavor and flair of your food than by adding a “spirit”ual component to it.

Palmetto Distillery has an impeccable reputation for creating fine spirits at fair prices. Started as a labor of love by brothers, Trey and Bryan Boggs, they pour their passion for creating their product into every glass that they craft.

Palmetto’s award-winning whiskey and moonshine deserve much more than praise, however. In addition to serving up a refreshing glass for many occasions, their quality spirits can also be used to enhance your party fare and make you the toast of the town for incorporating new and spicy flavors into your cuisine. Here are some delicious tips on making the most of your guests’ whiskey and moonshine experience by tickling their palettes with great taste:

Soak Those Ribs In Something Spicy

Kick your next backyard barbecue up a notch by marinating and basting your ribs with a honey glazed whiskey marinade. Your guests will savor the lip-smacking goodness of this rich and savory sauce as they marvel at your grill skills and compliment you for such an innovative use of Palmetto whiskey.

How About A Dipping Sauce For Those Wings?

Serving up some chicken wing appetizers with a spicy whiskey barbecue bacon sauce at your next cocktail party is one way to keep your guests coming back for more. This sauce is ideal for game day wings or meatballs, and it will enhance the flavor of any meat served at your fall gatherings. Expect ramekins to run dry as you refill this savory sauce again and again.

Don’t Forget The Perfect Moonlight Moonshine Cocktail!

No evening gathering will be complete without the perfect cocktail. Giving guests a sultry summer punch to have in hand when mingling with family or friends will not only refresh, but reignite conversation and memory making. With the unique flavors of moonshine, lemonade, and grenadine, this cocktail is a treat for the eyes as well as for the lips.

Serve A Little Something Sweet To Round Out The Perfect Menu

Don’t leave your guests hanging---there are plenty of wonderful options for desserts and sweet nothings that you can incorporate whiskey into to end the evening on a very sweet note. Consider serving a wonderfully wicked chocolate whiskey souffle with fudge sauce to satisfy the most discriminating palette, or even an apple pie on the rocks for those who are too full to eat something more substantial, yet are craving a little something for dessert. Guests will be ooohing and aaaaahing at your innovative menu offerings and your flair for throwing a great party.

Need Some More Ideas? We’ve Got Them!

Palmetto Distillery’s legacy for fine spirits began over 100 years ago, and the traditions that made us great back then continue even today. Our passion for creating great products and a great experience are evident in every pour. We honor the rich heritage of our bootlegging ancestors as we mash, distill, and bottle our award-winning products. Stop in today for a tour and a tasting; we are confident that you will find your next party offerings at our distillery. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com for more information. Cheers to you and your fall festivities!