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Why So Many People Choose Palmetto Distillery As Their Premier Spirits Provider

Palmetto Distillery

Palmetto Distillery, the gem of the deep south, has a tradition of creating the finest whiskey and moonshine that money can buy. Every bottle of handcrafted spirits is created with historic integrity and impeccable attention to detail, setting this distillery apart from others with its unique and flavorful product offerings.

What is it that makes Palmetto Distillery rise to the top in a place where bootlegging and whiskey production has become commonplace across the deep South? How has it become a premier spirits provider?

We are the best! Here’s why:

  • Palmetto Is The Essence Of The South Palmetto Distillery is located right in the heart of the South in Anderson, South Carolina. It’s rich history originating during the Prohibition period bring us time-tested recipes for quality whiskey and moonshine dating back 100 years. Our traditions and processes are deeply embedded in the history of the South, and we take pride in our heritage. We know moonshining, and we do it well!

  • Palmetto Has A History Of Excellence Trey and Bryan Boggs, owners and proprietors of Palmetto Distillery, are direct descendants of southern moonshiner Doc Boggs. Doc began Palmetto’s distillation traditions as a means of providing for his family, and today, Trey and Bryan honor the traditions of their ancestor by preserving and using family recipes, adhering to traditional methods of production, and creating a product that Doc would be proud of. Their labor of love is evident in every lip-smacking sip.

  • Palmetto Is Dedicated To Producing Quality Products From the copper stills to the individually handcrafted moonshine available in a variety of flavors, Palmetto Distillery is devoted to producing the best quality products at reasonable prices. Spirits are delicately aged in French Oak to create a bouquet and taste sensation that is unlike any other. No matter what your affinity for tastes and flavors, Palmetto’s unique and varied product offerings are bound to catch your fancy.

  • Palmetto Distillery Will Educate you! At Palmetto Distillery, we are proud of our products, services, and even our production processes. We are open and available six days a week for shopping, tasting, and even tours of our facility. Here you will learn the rich history of the distillery, what sets us apart from other Southern distilleries, and how whiskey and moonshine are created from start to finish. Sample our wares as you learn a bit more about Doc Boggs, the history of Prohibition and how it affected spirit production across the South, and how the process of distillation creates our superior spirits. We are even listed on Trip Advisor as the “#1 thing to do” when in the Anderson, S.C. area! Come see us, and learn more about why we are passionate about our products!

  • We are expanding! With so very much to offer our customers, we needed to expand. Now offering two locations in Anderson and Myrtle Beach, we can spread the love. Our Myrtle Beach location boasts a 3000 square foot facility with an original copper still used when we first opened--what a photo opportunity! With so many great things happening at Palmetto Distillery, who knows what lies on the horizon?

Premier Spirits At Palmetto Distillery

At Palmetto Distillery, it’s easy to see why our whiskey is the most awarded spirit across the South. We are passionate about what we do, and we are dedicated to creating a “spirit”ual experience for our customers. If you want to taste the history and flavor of the deep South, give us a try. Visit www.palmettodistillery.com for the ultimate cocktail experience.