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Essential Cocktails To Make Your Event Memorable

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Are you hosting a special gathering? Perhaps a fun get together with friends? Maybe you’ve even thought of throwing a “Back To School” bash for you and other parents celebrating the return of your young ones to school?

Whatever the occasion, creating the perfect party atmosphere with scrumptious and savory food and drink pairings will make your gathering memorable and special for you and your guests. No matter how formal or informal your gathering might be, you are bound to make a splash with these celebratory spirits:

  • Moonshine Margarita--grab the guacamole, scoop up the chips, and serve this ice cold refresher all the way around as you whip up a Southwestern fiesta for your family and friends. With a smooth blend of White Lightning moonshine and margarita mix, your guests will have a lip-smacking good time at your spicy soiree.

  • Palmetto Moonrise--Party till the moon is high in the sky with this cocktail. The sweetness of orange juice and grenadine pair quite nicely with moonshine, and the result is a sublime end to a perfect evening as you enjoy the still of the night with family and friends.

  • Straight Shooter--Are you looking to kick things up a notch for you and your guests? Don’t get too crazy as you bust out the Straight Shooter, a heaping helping of White Lightning served up with a glass, lemon slice on the side. Make sure the kids have gone to bed before indulging in a few of these powerful punches.

  • Redneck Tea--What better way to say farewell to summer than with a glass of tea in hand? Redneck tea is a “somewhat stronger” blend than traditional teas, but it is sure to help you create fond memories of the hazy days of summer and an entrance to fall festivities.

  • The Presbyterian--The Presbyterian is a distinguished cocktail for your distinguished guests. Crafted from classic ingredients and classic tastes, the blended result is whiskey bliss that will roll around on the tongue like good conversation with old friends.

  • The Maple Leaf--An interesting twist on some favorite flavors, the Maple Leaf combines the spiciness of quality whiskey with sweet maple syrup and tart lemon juice. Serving this cocktail at your next barbecue or backyard party symbolizes the end of languid summer days and baptism with crisp, fall air and fall flavors.

  • Apple Pumpkin Spice--Can we get flavors that are more indicative of fall? Apple and pumpkin pay homage to fall, and the sweetness of this cocktail make it a perfect dessert to round out a wonderful evening gathering.

  • Arnold Palmetto--The Arnold Palmer has been around forever; classic flavors of lemonade and iced tea combine to make a refreshing beverage. The interesting twist about the Arnold Palmetto is the inclusion of some of the best whiskey you will ever taste. Take that, Palmer. You’ve just been served.

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