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Why Whiskey Is Superior To Other Spirits

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

Smooth and smoky undertones mingle with caramel infusion, stimulating your senses. Lifting the glass to your lips, you take a minute to inhale the rich bouquet that permeates the air, anticipating that first, warm sip. Ahhhh…...whiskey, a beverage for the austere, the masses, virtually anyone who wants to take their beverage resume to the next level. Just what is it about this bewitching brew that keeps us coming back for more? What makes whiskey so sought after as an expression of our true American roots? Why is whiskey superior to all other spirits? We might be a little biased at Palmetto Distillery, but we believe there is some solid evidence pointing to its position as King of Spirits. Here is why we do what we do:

  • Whiskey can be made with virtually any grain. The inception of the whiskey revolution began with Irish monks who discovered that they could distill “medicinal liquid” from the copper alembics they used to make perfumed incense. Experimenting with different types of grain like rye, wheat, barley and corn produced unique flavors with undertones of its rich grain origin. The result was a one of a kind beverage as innovative as the methods used to create it.

  • Whiskey knowledge gives you credibility in social circles. Knowledge of whiskey and distillation processes elevates your social status as an expert on this premium beverage, while someone who knows too much about vodka is not so highly regarded. Use this newfound social status to network at parties, elevate a conversation with the scandalous details surrounding its rise in popularity in America, and even to receive additional party invitations as you establish yourself as a connoisseur.

  • Whiskey adds something to any cocktail. Whether mixing up a relaxing mint julep or fashioning the complex layers of a long island iced tea, adding whiskey to your cocktail will lend a depth of flavor that goes unparalleled with the use of other spirits. Check out the drink recipes section on our website for more ways to use our superior whiskey to mix all of your party drinks.

  • Whiskey history is interwoven into American history. Known as “water of life,” the history of this rich beverage runs in tandem with social and political events that shaped American history in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. To know the history of something is to appreciate it even more; the commitment displayed by early whiskey producers in our country is worthy of noting, as it makes its celebration even more special.

  • Whiskey tastes fantastic! This liquid gold is an American institution, and whether enjoyed alone or in a refreshing drink, its quality of flavor and uniqueness add distinction to any beverage experience. What are you waiting for? Grab a glass, pour yourself a little bit of liquid gold, and savor the flavor as you become a loyal sipper of this spirit.

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