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Surprising Ways Whiskey Is Good For My Health!

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Being able to relax and unwind with a choice blend of whiskey on the rocks after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Even better than the warm, southern comfort running through your veins is the surprising list of health benefits that comes from imbibing whiskey responsibly.

Here is justification for your evening cocktail--share it with anyone who has doubts about the benefits of enjoying something on the rocks as part of an enjoyable evening.

Whiskey consumption lowers your risk of developing dementia.

Similar to champagne, the benefits of enjoying one to six servings of whiskey a week contributed to a lower risk of developing dementia and other memory recall issues caused by aging. It was also noted that moderate drinkers fared better at memory and retention activities than their counterparts who chose to drink higher quantities of alcohol.

Drinking whiskey aids digestion.

If your nausea is hangover induced, we can’t do anything to help you. However, drinking a glass of whiskey after a large meal is known to calm an upset stomach. Elements present in the whiskey make it an excellent digestive aid, helping to stimulate stomach enzymes which are responsible for breaking down and utilizing food.

Single malt whiskey contains more ellagic acid than red wine.

Ellagic acid is a free-radical fighting antioxidant, and it is useful in helping to neutralize the oxidative damage to cells as a result of free-roaming volatile particles. While it has been common knowledge for some time that red wine has high antioxidant properties, let it now be known that whiskey de-thrones red wine to take first place in this category. Drink up for better health!

Moderate whiskey consumption has been linked to lower risk of stroke.

Harvard studies report that moderate alcohol consumption is linked to a 25 to 40 percent reduction in the risk of heart disease and ischemic, or clot-caused stroke. Keep in mind that the study stresses that moderate consumption is key to reaping the health benefits of a distilled glass, with heavier drinkers reporting health concerns as their consumption went unchecked. However, moderate drinking appears to benefit both the heart and the circulatory system.

Consuming whiskey in moderation benefits both the heart and the blood vessels.

Alcohol may be blamed for lowering our inhibitions, but it can also calm the circulatory system as well. Having a glass of whiskey as an after-dinner drink will soothe your mind, body, and soul.

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Whiskey can help cure the common cold.

Put down that extra kleenex, and put away that vaporizer; there might just be a cure for your common cold! When taken in moderation, whiskey can dilate and expand your blood vessels, helping with cold symptoms like congestion. It works to flush out infection of the mucous membranes faster. Also, a bit of whiskey may contribute to a better night’s sleep, which will allow you to heal quickly. Enjoy a glass before heading to bed, and you’ll wake up rested, refreshed, and breathing a bit easier.

Whiskey helps stave off weight gain!

What?!? Enjoying a glass on the rocks will help keep you slim and trim? Before you get too excited, consider this----drinking your nightly cocktail won’t help the weight to slide off effortlessly, but it does tend to be a lower calorie, lower sugar drink choice when you consider other alcohol choices that you could be making. Choosing a sumptuous and savory glass of whiskey on the rocks will keep off more pounds than a pina colada, so feel free to indulge with minimal guilt.

Whiskey consumption helps prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Because of its extremely high antioxidant properties, whiskey can neutralize free radicals that can alter the composition of a cell, causing cancerous cells to form. In addition, whiskey has been known to protect the body against the effects of chemotherapy and other cancer-fighting drugs that wreak havoc on the system.

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