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Myths About Whiskey Debunked!

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

Whiskey has been somewhat shrouded in mystery since the Prohibition era. These gaps in knowledge have opened the way for a plethora of myths and misconceptions surrounding this most American of drinks.

At Palmetto Distillery, we not only seek to craft the finest whiskey known to man, we want to clear up a few of the myths and misconceptions that have existed for far too long. Whether you consider yourself an educated, discriminating connoisseur of fine spirits or one who occasionally indulges, giving you the knowledge you need will allow you to make smart whiskey choices and satisfy your urge for the finer things in life.

Let’s clear the air, shall we?

Myth #1: Older, aged whiskey is better than young blends

Somewhere along the way, we accepted the notion that the longer a whiskey is allowed to age, the better it becomes. In actuality, there is a cap for the aging process, and if distilleries neglect to pull their spirits at the right time, the batch takes on a robust and woody flavor reminiscent of the barrel it was housed in.

While some grain blend and wood combinations can coexist peacefully for 15, 18, or 20 years, this is rare. Plenty of fine whiskeys are produced in the United States today that are far younger and more flavorful.

Myth #2: Bourbon must be made in Kentucky

Bourbon does have to be produced in America, but it does not have to be produced in Kentucky. A number of fine blends are now produced in New York, California, and across the deep South, and while the majority is still produced by the big companies in Kentucky, it is possible to find respectable bourbon elsewhere.

Myth #3: Expensive whiskey is always better than inexpensive brands

While it is true that some blends of whiskey can run well over $200 a bottle, there are fine blends that are available to us corn-fed folk for around $30 a bottle. Palmetto SC Whiskey, for example, retails at $29 a bottle, and it is the finest whiskey in production today.

Myth #4: Whiskey is for men

Ladies, come on! We’re not living 18th century America anymore! Whiskey won’t rough up your delicate features, and it won’t put hair on your chest. It’s time to taste what has been kept out of our reach for too long! Our discriminating palettes are more refined, causing flavors to stand out and create a rich taste experience. Let’s show these men that we can keep up with the best of them.

Myth #5: Using good whiskey for cocktails is a waste

Using a full-bodied whiskey when mixing up the cocktails enhances the flavor and bouquet that the other ingredients create. The result-- a memorable cocktail sensation hits your tongue and dances its way down your throat, paving the way for a delightful evening. Because of the high proof content of whiskey, they are perfect for drinks poured over ice, as the alcohol stands up to dilution very well. Serving up a classic Palmetto Whiskey Sour or a savory Basil Julep at your next social gathering will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Myth #6: Whiskey is a winter drink

Who came up with this one? Whiskey is good in spring, summer, fall, winter, rain, shine...you name it, we can most likely find an appropriate context for our favorite drink. Pairing it with light and refreshing ingredients for the lighter seasons of the year will play upon its playful characteristics while choosing full-bodied and substantial ingredients for warm nights by the fire enhances its warm and cozy properties.

Myth #7: Whiskey should be served straight up

Whiskey fans know that adding a bit of water or a few ice cubes to your glass really enhances and opens up the flavors present in the body. A 90 proof bottle could do for a bit of watering down anyway; this aids in responsible consumption of a powerful drink.

Palmetto Distillery Crafted Whiskey

Whether you choose to enjoy straight up or with a splash of water, club soda, or lime juice, take confidence in the knowledge that your choice is another fine expression of this multifaceted drink experience.

Feel free to experiment with the multidimensional flavors and aromas of each unique batch. Savor the richness as it dances on your tongue, frees up your best conversational skills, and inspires social greatness. At Palmetto Distillery, we have all the tools to make your whiskey experience rich and memorable. Our heritage of quality whiskey production extends far beyond a casual pastime--we are obsessed with creating a premier product that honors the rich traditions of our bootlegging ancestors. If you want to take your whiskey experience to the next level, visit www.palmettodistillery.com. Prepare to taste historic excellence!