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Summer Gatherings, BBQ, And Moonshine, Of Course!

Palmetto Moonshine in Bucket With Ice

With a sizzling summer upon us, many of us have grand aspirations of fun in the sun, vacations, and accepting a ton of invitations to backyard soirees. Summer nights filled with tangy barbecue sauce, lip-smacking ribs, and sumptuous cocktails have us eager to taste all that summer has to offer.

What better way to celebrate the joyous arrival of the summer season than by throwing an All-American Barbecue? And what better way to round out delicious fare and sparkling conversation than with…...you guessed it…...moonshine!

What Is Moonshine, Anyway?

We’re glad you asked. Moonshine is a scandalous American tradition, having its roots deeply embedded in southern culture dating far back into the late 1800’s. The term “moonshine” refers to a distilled liquor with a high alcohol concentration, and although it is produced and sold legally in states across the U.S. today, that was not always the case.

Moonshine is produced by mixing a grain--usually corn--with yeast and water to make a solution called a wash. This wash is then allowed to ferment for a certain period of time before being distilled by heating and cooling the solution and collecting the resulting condensation. The condensation liquid is then collected, cooled, and flavorings are added to make the taste of this strong drink a bit more palatable for average folk like ourselves, as most of us would not take too kindly to the taste of “rotgut” straight from the pipe.

How Did Moonshining Begin?

Moonshiners began producing, distilling, and selling their own homemade “shine” as a way to fight the stifling legislation that the Prohibition period levied on Americans, as well as to supplement the income of struggling southern farmers who were trying to provide for their families. Under the heavy oppression of Prohibition, it had become illegal to produce, purchase, and even consume alcohol in the United States, but loyal “shiners” were having none of it. They continued to produce and sell their own homemade brews despite efforts of big government to shut down their operations for safety reasons.

Because no real regulation existed on these early batches of alcohol that were produced, there were many fatal mistakes that were made both in production and consumption. Legitimate distilleries popped up all over the southern United States that attempted to produce quality shine that could be sold to large groups of people, but there were also the Grandpa Joe operations where distillation and production were done by filtering the liquid through car engines and other sketchy pieces of equipment. As a result, many people who bought and consumed these early batches died due to the large quantities of toxic chemicals that were often present in the product. As you can imagine, this fueled the fire of government even more to shut down all illegal production activity and begin to regulate it for safety reasons, as well as to get a piece of the pie through taxation on its sale and distribution.

Today’s Moonshine...Every Bit As Tawdry, Now Quite Legal

Loyal consumers know that even though moonshine is being produced legally in many states, it still brings a bit of color and intrigue to any gathering where it is offered. What better way to celebrate American history and southern tradition than with the perfect pairing of barbecue and moonshine this July?

Why Moonshine And Barbecue? What’s The Allure?

Palmetto Moonshine on a Boat

Moonshine and barbecue are both southern traditions. They are part of American history and part of a culture that makes us who we are. Honoring the history of our great country and celebrating the resilience of our ancestors seems appropriate as we look to another year of celebration of our freedom and heritage.

It’s summer! Barbecues and backyard gatherings are expected, and what better way to ensure that conversation will be buzzing just as fervently as the mosquitoes in your backyard than by offering up such a unique conversation piece with dinner? Whether you are serving delicious apple pie moonshine cocktails served over cracked ice, or perhaps a refreshing lemon moondrop to cool your guests off on a sultry evening, full glasses of shine will accompany quality time with family and friends.

Moonshine is delicious! The many varieties of moonshine and its versatility when mixing cocktails and pairing it with good food make it the perfect complement to a flavorful and festive evening. Set your summer gatherings ablaze with the perfect offerings of food and drink for your guests. Get ready for some fun!

Palmetto Distillery--Your Source For All Things “Shiny”

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