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Everyone Takes A Bottle Of Wine: Southern Spirits Will Get You Remembered!

Palmetto Moonshine Strawberry

In a whirlwind season of parties, receptions, barbecues, and other summertime gatherings, the need to remember a thoughtful host/hostess gift for each party that you attend can add additional stress to your social life.

Every good guest knows the golden rule of fraternizing: never show up to an event empty-handed. You need not fall back on the old standby of a bottle of wine just because you don’t have enough time to look for a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression on your host.

Putting a personalized touch and giving a gift that is genuinely unique will get you remembered and result in additional events added to your already hopping social life. Take a bottle of southern spirits--that will cause quite a stir!

Southern Spirits--A Rich Legacy Of Taste And Intrigue

Our country has a rich heritage of whiskey and moonshine production dating back to the 1790’s when distillers began illegal production to escape the federal “sin” tax that had just been levied on all local whiskey and moonshine distilleries. As a show of defiance, an entire subculture was born out of the need to provide income to destitute farmers and local people in business who needed to make ends meet. Moonshine and whiskey were produced and run through local bootleggers all across the south, evading the watchful eye of the Federal government. Although this isn’t considered the prettiest part of American history, the culture of moonshining and bootlegging contributed significantly to the development of the southern states and those states extending farther north along the Appalachian Trail.

The tone of the historical period surrounding prohibition still seems scandalous and intriguing; like many of the stories yet told of major organized crime and families that were responsible for growing empires that rivaled that of the ancient Romans. Even though most distilleries are now owned and operated by upstanding, law-abiding citizens who pay their taxes and follow ethical business practices, there is still a little bit of a taboo feeling that one gets when purchasing good old southern whiskey and moonshine.

Palmetto Distillery: A Historic Piece Of Southern Comfort

Trey and Bryan Boggs

Palmetto distillery is a passionate labor of love for brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs. With its roots embedded deep in southern tradition, the distillery remains historically faithful to the traditions of bootlegging as well as to the traditions of the Boggs family. They pay homage to their heritage by using family recipes passed down for generations, giving passionate attention to detail regarding their distillation process, and even using pieces of historical distillation equipment passed down through generations. All of their efforts contribute to some of the finest whiskey and moonshine money can buy.

Whether you fancy yourself a whiskey fan, or you only want to dip your toe in a pool of moonshine, tasting the historic flavor of the South, there is no doubt that you will find all things delicious to quench your thirst and ignite your passions for all things southern.

Consider Bringing Southern Spirits To Your Next Event

Bringing Southern spirits to your next event---be it a birthday party, reception, or even a backyard gathering--is one way to ensure that you will be remembered. There is plenty of lively conversation to be had about the origin of a great bottle of whiskey, the history behind its scandalous production, and what contributes to its smooth and spicy taste as it is enjoyed by many.

For you, more adventurous party goers, consider giving a bottle of moonshine as a gift that will raise a ruckus. The whole subculture behind the production of moonshine as well as our little piece of history in bringing that to mainstream America is newsworthy--party attendees might circle you for a few tales regaling how you came across such a dastardly gift.

Stand Out--With Palmetto; It’s Never Been Easier

Palmetto Distillery’s award-winning whiskey and moonshine speak for themselves. Choosing Palmetto products to give as gifts will be a classy move that your host or hostess will appreciate and remember for a long time. With worldwide shipping, online ordering, and numerous locations popping up across the US, it has never been easier to find a unique gift that will make you a memorable guest. Contact us at www.palmettomoonshine.com for more information and to place your gift order today.