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The Best Summer Recipes For Your Gathering

Palmetto Distillery Moonshine

With a sizzling summer upon us, we find ourselves salivating at the thought of attending backyard barbecues, family picnics, and wedding receptions that celebrate sunny days and warm, intimate nights. Whether we find ourselves entertaining the masses, or planning a small gathering of great friends, pairing exceptional food and spirits together will make your event most memorable in the minds of your guests. Here are some favorites of ours to consider when planning your next event.

Whiskey: An Austere And Sophisticated Experience At Your Wedding Reception

Palmetto Distillery Whiskey

Highlighting whiskey at your wedding reception is all the rage right now, and serving it in many innovative and exciting ways will have your guests “buzzing” about how trendy you’ve become. Consider preparing a graphic of a niche' restaurant type menu for display and serving it as:

  • Straight up--A good whiskey is a conversation starter, and serving up a rousing round of shots before the night begins is a great way to get the party started.

  • Offer high-end cocktails throughout dinner--having drink options such as Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, and other sophisticated spirits will inspire a celebratory atmosphere.

  • End with an Irish Coffee--What meal would be complete without wedding cake and a bit of coffee? Serving a decadent Irish coffee, complete with whiskey and topped with creamy, luscious whipped cream, is the perfect way to round out your perfect night.

Be sure to invite the preacher that conducted the ceremony and thank them with a most appropriate and delicious drink, the Presbyterian, and I’ll bet they can’t drink just one!

Moonshine Under The Moonlight

What better way to set the tone and ambiance of a perfect barbecue on a summer’s evening than by offering moonshine? Heat up the grill, chase away the mosquitoes, and serve these award-winning pairings for an ideal summer night event:

  • Serve up a glass of refreshing Redneck Tea with some barbecued pulled pork sliders dripping with savory barbecue sauce.

  • Dip your ladle in some Swamp Water upon your guests' arrival--this cocktail is guaranteed to be an original conversation starter!

  • Pair a delicious rack of barbecued ribs with a refreshing Apple Fizz, an excellent compliment to any Southern fare.

Summer Cocktail Parties--Delicious Dishes And Decadent Desserts

A summer cocktail party would not be complete without the perfect pairing of food, cocktails, and good times with friends and family. Add some flair to your next garden party, backyard gathering, or croquet tournament with these delicious flavors and textures:

  • Serve a light and refreshing Arnold Palmetto with a creamy dessert shot such as a Creme Brulee or a decadent pumpkin chiffon pie. The combination of crisp, light cocktail with a creamy dessert will have taste buds dancing and compliments flying.

  • Pair a Basil Julep with a savory finger food like chicken satay skewers or barbecued short ribs. The clean flavor of the cocktail brings out the spicy and smoky flavors of sauced and savory items.

  • Serve a delicious, crisp Grapefruit Fizz to cool down your guests on the most sultry days. Whether enjoyed alone or with delicious appetizers, this drink has flavor and enough personality to juice up any party atmosphere.

Palmetto Distillery Moonshine Drink

Backyard Banter

Sitting on the back porch with a decadent cocktail in hand inspires quality time and conversations that strengthen relationships between family and friends. Whether your intimate porch gathering is just the two of you, or if you’ve invited a gaggle of friends to join you for a relaxing time, here are some wonderful drink recipes that will make your evening memorable:

  • Perhaps a Refresca Mexicano will make reminiscing over your youth more enjoyable--relive simpler and wilder times with old friends over this refreshing and light cocktail.

  • What better way to cool off on a warm summer’s evening than with a Strawberry Limeade? Listen to the crickets sing, crank up the tunes, and sip away at this savory and sweet combination of delicious flavors.

  • End the evening on a sweet note--serve crisp, cold Caramel Apple Pie cocktails that will dance on your tongue and have you smacking your lips in between bouts of witty banter.

Palmetto Distillery: Your Source For A Delicious Summer

At Palmetto Distillery, exceptional attention to detail and a passion for creating excellent spirits is what we do, and we do it well. Our whiskey and moonshine are expertly crafted and produced with the highest standards, resulting in products that have superior taste and quality. Whether your summer gathering is an informal backyard family affair or the most elegant of receptions, we will help you create a most memorable event. Contact www.palmettomoonshine.com today to set up a tasting. Your delicious summer awaits!