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How Palmetto Distillery Became A Leader In Whiskey Production

Palmetto Distillery Moonshine and Whiskey

Palmetto Distillery in Anderson, South Carolina, has an impeccable reputation for creating quality whiskey and award-winning moonshine. This craftsmanship has its roots embedded in the rich American history of bootlegging and “shining,” and it has evolved over several decades into the thriving business that it is today.

Just how did Palmetto come to be a leader in whiskey production? How did this labor of love for brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs flourish in a time of uncertainty, scandal, and intrigue? How did they weather the tumultuous period of history that is prohibition and remain true to their Southern roots, creating some of the best spirits in the country?

Tradition’s Roots In Prohibition Palmetto’s legacy begins with Dock Boggs, a regional folk musician and direct ancestor of Trey and Bryan Boggs. He was born near West Norton, Virginia, the youngest of ten children in a very musical family. He grew up around rough and tough southern family who drank whiskey, played a mean banjo, and worked hard for every penny that they earned.

Dock wanted more out of life. As he grew, he studied music with local musicians and learned to play and sing quite well. He began earning a humble living as a regional folk musician, traveling and making recordings when possible. His marriage to his wife Sarah prompted him to settle down and begin a family.

When traveling and playing was no longer possible, Dock and Sara were finding it hard to make ends meet. Farming, coal mining, and playing local clubs wasn’t enough. Dock searched for a way to make a more comfortable living for his family. He began producing moonshine and whiskey and running bootleg for family and friends.

As his reputation for “good business” and quality spirits grew, so did his business. Although his first love was always his music, he realized the need for creating a legacy for his family, so he continued to develop and distribute shine until his death in 1971.

Trey and Bryan Boggs have committed themselves to carrying on the tradition of their colorful ancestor, Dock, and have preserved family recipes that have been handed down for generations. Perhaps the attention to detail and the preservation of Dock’s legacy have contributed to the quality product that we see from Palmetto today.

What Goes Into Quality Whiskey And Moonshine Production?

Palmetto Distillery

Creating any quality spirit requires meticulous attention to detail, passion for the product, and superior craftsmanship. Using authentic copper stills to create the best flavors, picking exceptional samples of grain for creating a mash, and maintaining consistent temperatures for heating, cooling, and distillation processes are all elements present in the crafting of a superior glass of whiskey. Knowledge of traditions, great recipes and a discriminating taste for fine spirits are also helpful in the creation of an excellent product. Palmetto whiskey is an uncompromising blend of 21 percent rye mash that is matured in French oak to create a whiskey that is superior to all others. The first sips of amber hue will have your tongue singing and your mind ablaze with visions of moonshining and warm Southern summer nights.

From its insemination in 2011, Palmetto distillery has sought to preserve the historical traditions surrounding its birth. Their recipes, their production process, and even packaging and delivery bring a whole new dimension to quality and exceptional taste. Honoring the heritage of South Carolina’s whiskey production is something that is important to each member of the Palmetto family, and they take pride in the products that showcase the colorful connections to the past and create legacies for future generations.

If a superior Southern taste is what you crave, look no further. Palmetto Distillery delivers the unique, austere whiskey experience that they promise, and every product offering is something new for you to explore. From whiskey to moonshine, you are sure to find something to make your next evening at home or your next gathering a memorable event. Visit www.palmettomoonshine.com for more information and to set up a tasting today. The flavor of the deep South is calling!

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