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Moonshine At The Wedding Reception? You Betcha!

Palmetto Moonshine Wedding Jars

Southern belles everywhere, unite! No matter what your geographical location, planning a wedding with a Southern theme has become very popular with a unique feel and unique spin on your big day. Picture it!

Your guests will love fried chicken skewer appetizers floating around on gleaming silver trays while a Dixieland jazz band plays nostalgic music. Pan-seared catfish and okra for a classic Southern entree, and the crowning touch on an authentic Southern wedding….moonshine!

You may be asking yourself, “What place does moonshine have at a wedding reception?” Many years ago, moonshine received a bad rap, becoming known under other unsavory names such as rotgut, hooch, and firewater. Moonshine became associated with hard living and illegal trade, and many people do not yet associate it with austere events.

We assure you, moonshine has enough flavor and enough class to enhance any gathering, and your special day deserves the distinction and uniqueness that will live on in the memories of your guests as they talk about your reception for months and years to come.

A Brief History Of Moonshine

Moonshining has its historical roots in American history beginning immediately after the Revolutionary war, when the government was struggling under a heavy load of war expenses and debts to foreign creditors. Government officials levied taxes on the production and sale of all liquor in the United States, hoping that this increased revenue would alleviate some of the accrued debt. American citizens, who had just finished fighting an oppressive British government for some of the same regulatory reasons, were not pleased with these new tax laws, and they began crafting, selling, and drinking their homemade concoctions, completely ignoring federal regulations.

Moonshining quickly became a way of life for struggling farmers, who relied on the income from the sale and distribution of alcohol to bridge the gap that poor crop yields caused in their finances. Unsold grain could be ground and blended into a mash, then distilled and sold to aid farmers in supporting their families. When revenuers attempted to come around and collect back taxes from these small farm operations, conflict ensued, and tensions rose between government officials and “moonshiners.”

Rising opposition between distillers who were not complying with tax regulations and government officials eventually inspired the Prohibition movement, when the federal government banned all sales, distribution, and even consumption of alcohol in the United States. An answer to prayer for all moonshiners, as it boosted the demand for their products exponentially. The Prohibition movement was repealed in 1933, after years of organized crime and raids that were legendary battles between historical moonshining families and “feds.” Moonshine has retained a loyal following, despite the fact that it is no longer illegal to produce, provided Uncle Sam gets his fair share.

Wedding Reception

Your Wedding Planner Has Arrived: Making Memories With Moonshine

Incorporating moonshine into your wedding festivities is sure to inspire some scintillating discussion around your special day. Consider these unique ways to enjoy moonshine and make wonderful memories at your wedding reception:

  • Set up a tasting station. Moonshine is very potent, and it is has a unique taste to it. Allowing guests a chance to sample different flavors and varieties in a more intimate setting like this will familiarize them with this historic piece of the deep South.

  • Serve cocktails highlighting moonshine as a signature ingredient--Because of its potency, many guests might initially be skeptical of imbibing straight up. Having signature cocktails available to celebrate the two of you will allow even your most conservative guests to share this memorable aspect of your day. You will find the best recipes for moonshine right HERE.

  • Feature historic entertainment at your reception--Invite some character actors to serve drinks, play out a landmark bootleg scene between shiners and feds, or to share historical tales of success and intrigue around moonshining. Guests and staff alike will be caught up in the excitement that you are creating around a delicious piece of our American history.

  • Send guests home with a bit of shine--With gifts for your guests like individual mason jars filled with flavors like Apple Pie, Blackberry, and White Lightning, you can be sure to light up even the most discriminating palettes with any of the many featured flavors that are available.

Class And Sass In One Jar

At Palmetto distillery, our rich heritage of moonshining and our historic recipes handed down for generations all contribute to the superior products that we are known for today. Handcrafted whiskey and moonshine are all we do, and we do it well! You will make a significant impression on your guests and give them something to talk about forever by choosing such a fun theme and creating a unique experience.

If you want to make a statement at your next event, be it a backyard barbecue or even your wedding reception, choose only the best products to bring your party to the next level. Visit www.palmettomoonshine.com today for more information and to set up a tasting tour. Cheers!