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How Will Moonshine Make Your Event Remembered?

Palmetto Moonshine

Moonshine has gotten a bad rap over the years, and as a result, it has procured some unsavory names: rotgut, skull pop, and firewater are just a few of the ways to which it has been referred. Despite the scandalous history surrounding original moonshine production, it has retained a loyal following throughout our country’s evolution and deserves to respect as part of our culture.

Moonshine 101: How Is It Woven Into American Culture And History? Scottish/Irish American immigrants brought the tradition of moonshine making to America, where the hub of production began in the Appalachian mountains in the mid-1800’s. The popularity of moonshine soared after the Prohibition act in the 1920’s, and it spread to the deep south and other regions of the United States as big government attempted to crack down on its illegal production in homemade stills. Although government’s message to the general public was that they were concerned about the safety of Americans while imbibing, it is more accurate to state that they wanted a treasured piece of moonshine pie. Profits were soaring, and taxation was seen as one way to generate--and regulate profits from its production and sale.

When the stronghold of the Prohibition movement faded, many thought that the demand for moonshine and its production would wane. Fortunately, for “shiners” everywhere, it has not, and in recent days, has even gained popularity. Stills are going strong all across the United States, and thanks to the friendly banter between alcohol distribution regulators and production engineers, we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Have You Considered Moonshine For Your Upcoming Event? With the advent of media coverage surrounding moonshine culture, shows such as Moonshiners have brought both beverage and backwood distillation back into the public eye. What was considered uncouth or unrefined ten years ago is now regarded as hip and trendy. Have you considered featuring moonshine at your next social gathering? What will your neighbors say? They'll probably say, "thank you," so long as they are invited!

Moonshine At Your Next Barbecue What better way to pay homage to the deep south than by pairing exceptional barbecue with incredible spirits? Pair the smokiness of a vibrant, tangy sauce on your ribs with a lip-smacking Apple Pie “shine” to enhance your guest experience. You'll be appreciated for a long time as the host who puts the finishing touch on every event that is catered at your barbecue pit.

Moonshine At Your Next Birthday Party

Palmetto Moonshine

Provided your event is a 21+ gathering, moonshine would be a unique addition, and a lovely conversation starter, at any birthday party. Create a “hillbilly” theme for your event, and let the shine flow free as you decorate with empty beer cans, toilet paper rolls, and other tongue-in-cheek party favors. Your guests will feel comfortable letting their hair down and chewing on a piece of straw as they eat cake paired with White Lightning flavored moonshine.

Moonshine At Your Wedding Reception? Yes, Please! Be known right away as the couple that does things in their unique way. Moonshine is a distinctive way to make a memorable impression on friends and family as they celebrate your special day with you. Hosting a moonshine tasting station, wrapping up individual jars as party favors and bridal party gifts, or even using moonshine as a central theme in decorating and on guest tables is a fun and innovative way to incorporate this theme into your special day. Make your wedding reception the talk of the mountain trail as you present this piece of American history to your guests on your special day.

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