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Palmetto Distillery Moonshine and Whiskey

Palmetto distillery has an impeccable national reputation for creating quality moonshine and whiskey, and their attention to detail is evident in every glass that they craft. Co-Owners Trey and Bryan Boggs pour their passion into crafting the perfect product, and their expertise and rich heritage are visible to all who have tasted their wares.

Just how much do you know about Palmetto and their history? Where is Palmetto located? Who Is Dock Boggs? What goes into crafting the perfect whiskey? How is moonshine made? How can you get your hands on their incredible products? Find your answers here with this Palmetto Distillery Quiz!

Where Is Palmetto Distillery Located? Located in Anderson, South Carolina, Palmetto Distillery is just off of Interstate 85. Travelers will see that it is it is easy to find, and well worth the trip. Tours are available six days a week, and they can be set up to include a private tour guide, product tastings, and more. Palmetto Distillery has the unique distinction of being voted the #1 thing to do on Trip Advisor near Anderson, South Carolina.

Palmetto Distillery has a second location in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This 3000 square foot facility boasts one of the original 250-gallon stills that opened Palmetto. Although this particular still is no longer operational, it is nevertheless quite impressive to see. The Myrtle Beach location is the perfect place for vacationing Northerners to get a taste of what Palmetto has to offer.

What Is The History Of Palmetto Distillery?

Dock Boggs

Dock Boggs was a hardworking musician with a family to support, and in the turbulent time in history known as Prohibition, he saw an opportunity. It was an illegal opportunity, but he took advantage of it nonetheless. He began crafting moonshine and whiskey, selling first to friends and family members, then to other customers as business boomed.

Trey and Bryan Boggs, proprietors of Palmetto and direct descendants of Dock Boggs, carried on the traditions and distillation methods that Doc started many many years ago. Family recipes passed down for generations are used in the making of their quality spirits, and equipment used in their distillery has a rich heritage of family use as well. Meticulous attention to detail is in every part of their process.

Who Is Dock Boggs, Anyway? What Part Does He Play In Palmetto Distillery's Formation? Dock Boggs made his living as a musician in the late 1800’s. Although music was his passion, this career was not ideal for supporting a family, so Dock had some planning to do. While attempting to create a distinguished music career, he took a job as a coal miner for a mere $0.07 an hour. Because Doc's earnings weren’t paying the bills either, he began running bootleg for family and friends. As he realized the potential for a steady source of income, he expanded his underground distilling business into what eventually became Palmetto Distillery.

How Does Palmetto Craft The “Perfect” Whiskey? Palmetto whiskey, no doubt one of the more austere whiskey offerings on the market today, draws its inspiration from the South Carolina Dispensary, a monopoly that operated liquor operation in that state from 1893-1916. Many of the distillation methods and practices put in motion by the Dispensary are still used today in the making of this magical brew.

Distilled is a rye-based grain mixture, then matured in new French oak barrels to bring out the exceptional flavor and timbre that Palmetto whiskey is known to have. From the first to last glass, infused in every sip is a rich, smoky flavor that sings in your mouth.

Palmetto Moonshine

What Is Moonshine? How Is It Made? Both whiskey and moonshine undergo a distillation process using corn as the main ingredient. In the distillation process, liquid corn mash is allowed to ferment, then boil to a temperature high enough for alcohol to evaporate. The alcohol condensation gets collected, then purified and flavored in many delicious ways. Palmetto Moonshine is available in peach, apple pie, strawberry, blackberry, and their signature white lightning flavor. Be careful! Even a little sip packs a strong punch.

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How Can I Get My Hands On Palmetto Distillery Spirits? Web orders are always welcome; almost all of our products are available via our website, www.PalmettoDistillery.com . We would much rather see you in person however, to share a glass of whiskey or shine and share our passion for our distillery with you!