South Carolina is one of the largest producers of peaches in the country and with all that fruit in our backyard we had to make our award winning Palmetto Peach Moonshine. We blend our white lightning moonshine with juice made from local peaches to create a light, crisp taste. Grab a jar and enjoy the taste of summer in Carolina all year round.

Moonshine is deeply rooted in Americana and so is Apple Pie. In celebration of the rebellious American spirit, our award winning Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine was born! We use our own special cider cooked in-house from local apples, combine it with our White Lightning and drop in a cinnamon stick to give you the perfect blend of heat and sweet.

Our signature award winning White Lightning Moonshine is determined to preserve the rebellious spirit and southern traditions of the moonshine culture. Palmetto Moonshine is an un-aged corn whiskey made from a recipe handed down from generations of moonshiners. Produced using our custom copper still built by a 5th generation moonshiner, we are proud to call this South Carolina's first legal moonshine.



Our award winning Blackberry Moonshine gives you the sweet tart flavor of blackberries with a kick of shine that will keep you interested. We use fresh, local blackberries to give you a smooth taste that mixes great with any drink or enjoyed over ice.


The moonshine you love just got even better. Meet the newest addition to the Palmetto Distillery lineup: Watermelon Moonshine. A smooth, watermelon flavor that takes our fruit-flavored 'shines to a whole new level..