After two years of growing success, on May 5th, 2014, Palmetto Moonshine opened a new store in Myrtle Beach, SC. Not only does it boast a 3,000 Sq Ft facility, the store also features the original 250 gallon still used when Palmetto Moonshine first opened. The still was retired after making thousands and thousands of gallons of award winning Palmetto Moonshine, and is now used as a working fountain for demonstrations during tours.


Residents and tourists alike can stop in for a FREE tour to learn the rich culture and background of how moonshine is made, along with how Palmetto Moonshine came to be. There is also a full souvenir and gift shop with t-shirts, glasses, mixers and other items. It is great fun for the entire family, and kids are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Those 21 and older with a photo I.D. can purchase all of the delicious flavors of Palmetto Moonshine that have led to the success of the company.


Why did we choose Myrtle Beach?


“We grew up coming to Myrtle Beach every summer our entire lives. For me, summer hadn’t started until we were headed to the beach. When the idea came up to have another store the decision on location was easy. Because Bryan and I started the business based on family background, bringing the connection forward to build the product we have today makes sense. Moonshine itself has a rich heritage. Our distillery and other locations all have their own spirits; Myrtle Beach is now ready to develop its own ‘personality’ and write a new chapter to our story.” – Trey Boggs


“Myrtle Beach was a great location to have another presence for our brand. With the economic growth and development of Myrtle Beach, we felt this was a perfect venue to reach an enormous amount of people from all over the world. Our product is not just a Southern phenomenon, it speaks a universal language. We want to not only prosper our company but foster growth in the community

as well.”- Bryan Boggs


As we say at Palmetto Moonshine, “We are here to put our toes in the sand and the Shine in your hand!”

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