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During challenging times, the only way to get through it is for communities to team up and fight on together. It's our mission at Palmetto Distillery to make a difference, and in these unprecedented times we are more committed than ever to providing essential resources where needed. We are proud to announce that we will be helping the state produce hand sanitizer to protect against the COVID-19 virus during this shortage. In fact, many of our customers have shared, they are using Palmetto Distillery Bootlegger Proof Moonshine for homemade sanitizer and cleaning products.

Please stay safe and know that we will get through this together.

We are located along interstate 85 for convenient for all travelers. Palmetto Distillery in the heart of Anderson, SC where we distill and bottle our fine craft whiskey and moonshine products. Our goal is to provide travelers an opportunity to take home a true piece of the South and learn a little bit about the distilling process.


Palmetto Distillery is open 6 days a week providing free tours of the facility, souvenirs, local products, and other merchandise. Our craft whiskey and moonshine distillery also has the distinction of being voted the number 1 “Thing to Do” In Anderson by TripAdvisor!


After years of success, Palmetto Distillery opened a new store in the Greenville Spartanburg Airport which is conveniently located inside the Grand Hall. Our GSP location carries all of the locals favorite whiskey’s and moonshines and is available for purchase and carry on for the convenience of GSP Airport travelers. The next time you are passing through the airport be sure to visit us. Our airport location is open Monday - Saturday.


All guests over 21 years of age are invited for a free tour of our craft whiskey and moonshine distillery. Stop by one of our two locations and become immersed in southern history and tradition…and sip a little shine while you learn! 

Palmetto Distillery is located in the heart of Anderson, S.C. and is the first micro-distillery in South Carolina to produce Palmetto Moonshine, South Carolina’s First Legal Moonshine and Palmetto Whiskey, South Carolina’s Most Awarded Craft Whiskey. We also have the distinction of being the South Carolina Whiskey Distillery of the Year, as voted by the New York International Spirits Competition. 


All of Palmetto Distillery’s products are crafted from original recipes and mash bills passed down for over 100 years. At its core, Palmetto Distillery is dedicated to preserving the methods and traditions of those historic moonshiners who came before us. The proprietors, Bryan and Trey Boggs are descendants of moonshiners and passionate about preserving the heritage and traditions of this Southern way of life. 


Every jar of moonshine is produced by hand, using age old customs, recipes and a 100% copper still that is exactly like our ancestors used (only bigger). This ensures our product is not only historically accurate but provides an award winning spirit that is smooth and enjoyable.  


Palmetto Distillery currently offers five delicious flavors of moonshine; White Lightening, Peach, Blackberry and Apple Pie. Our newest edition, Palmetto Whiskey is SC’s most awarded craft whiskey. Our distiller uses 21% rye and ages the spirit in new French oak to achieve an unparalleled taste and quality. Palmetto Whiskey is truly a southern tradition and a proud representation of South Carolina’s history of spirit production.

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