A visit to our craft distillery will allow you to truly enjoy a unique moonshine experience. During your visit, you will be able to see our original copper moonshine stills and witness the entire distillation process. The distillery is located at 200 West Benson St. in historic downtown in the City of Anderson – ironically, directly behind the Anderson county Courthouse. Because we don’t have to drive fast cars and out run the law to make and sell moonshine, we decided might as well be in the backyard of the courthouse.


The history of our craft distillery and city is very unique. The building is 13,000 square feet and set to grow with the demand. It is a century-old brick warehouse that has been home to many other businesses such as Anderson Armored Car (later bought by Wells Fargo), who built their first armored cars here. Greyhound Lines operated a bus depot here, and it also served as one of the first taxi cab companies for Anderson. Within the past several years, our craft distillery has also been used for filming of two reality shows. One show aired on the Discovery Channel and the other was for a pilot film which is still in the works. The craft distillery is also used as a stage for photo shoots by a well-known and respected New York photographer who now resides in Anderson, SC. These are a few interesting facts about the distillery, but you will have to visit to fully appreciate the history and unique experience.


The City of Anderson was founded in December 1826 and incorporated by an act of Legislature, December 19, 1833. Anderson was the first city in the South to have an unlimited supply of electric power and became known as the “Electric City.” Another interesting facet about our city is that the first cotton gin in the world to be operated by electricity was developed in Anderson County in 1897.


Legislation was introduced to the South Carolina House of Representatives on February 9, 2009 and was ratified by the Governor on May 6, 2009 allowing micro-distilleries to operate within the State. The main reason for outlawing moonshine was the government’s inability to regulate and tax the product since it is made from readily available ingredients. Under current laws, the State and Federal governments receive hefty taxes from every jar produced and sold, creating more revenue for the agencies.


Palmetto Moonshine has become a huge drawing card for many businesses in the regional area, not just the downtown area of the City of Anderson. Our informational brochures have found their way into hotels and visitor centers across South Carolina and Georgia, drawing many first time tourists to downtown Anderson and exposing many more travelers to our beautiful area. Even people who don’t drink alcohol have requested to purchase some of our moonshine because it is a piece of history.


The distillery has been completely remodeled inside and out. You get the feeling of an ol’ moonshiner hangout and biker bar all in one. Our goal was to maintain tradition while adding more modern aspects to our image. Come experience our historic building and the legendary process of making Moonshine and Whiskey. After you see, smell, and hear, let the shopping begin! Our retail area is chock full of specialty items. We carry everything from delicious pantry goods, cool T-shirts to many one of a kind items. We offer daily tours, educational events, and the occasional musician to enjoy while visiting Palmetto Moonshine. Our doors are open and staff is ready to share this crazy moonshine whiskey story to all who grace our craft distillery. Be sure to check out our events to keep up with current events and information as well as Facebook!


Virtual Tour of Palmetto Distillery