The inspiration for Palmetto Whiskey comes from the South Carolina Dispensary. The Dispensary was a state controlled monopoly on liquor sales in South Carolina which operated from 1893-1915. During this time period the Dispensary was responsible for almost every means of production; this included everything from sourcing the mash bill, distilling the liquor and even creating the bottles! To accomplish this task, the Dispensary employed glass makers and craftsmen that created bottles unique to the Palmetto State and what many consider to be works of art. The bottles being produced from 1893-1900 featured an embossed palmetto tree with crossed logs under the base of the trunk. It was this bottle design from which Trey and Bryan drew inspiration when creating the Palmetto Whiskey bottle! Palmetto Whiskey is crafted with care in small batches and a true southern tradition.


Palmetto Distillery’s mission is to honor the heritage of South Carolina’s liquor production by creating a straight American whiskey of unparalleled taste and quality. We take pride in creating products that showcase the colorful history of the Palmetto State and the deep connection our brands have to South Carolina.


Palmetto Whiskey is 21% rye matured in new French oak to achieve unparalleled taste and quality. The amber hue draws you in; the notes of caramel and vanilla, combined with a smooth finish keeps you coming back. No matter if you’re a scotch or bourbon drinker, you will find something to love in Palmetto Whiskey.


The bottle is crafted to represent those of the South Carolina Dispensary, founded in 1893 and at 89.3 proof, it does justice to our state’s proud history of spirit production. Palmetto Whiskey is the most awarded craft whiskey currently produced in South Carolina…. get your bottle today!

Our Palmetto Whiskey is hand selected for a unique taste. We have created the bottle to match the heritage and history behind the SC dispensary bottle and the proof matches the era in which it existed in 1893. Our 89.3 proof Palmetto Whiskey is an amber color and has a spicy finish with classic caramel, vanilla, maple notes emerging. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy a modern day interpretation of an age old whiskey.