What drew you to Palmetto Distillery:


I was looking for a company that was new, growing and that had potential. My background is in production and Air Traffic Control, and this job is a complete combination of all the things I like and do well. As a production manager, my job was to get the product packed and shipped properly to its destination. My life in the frozen tundra of Alaska was to get a lot of planes in and out of a tiny little airport without incident and without the aide of radar. Palmetto Moonshine gives me the opportunity to relive all those glory days in this fast paced, ever changing world of Moonshine!


What do you like best about working at Palmetto Distillery:


If I had to come up with one favorite thing it would be the effort that goes into creating a strong team. From retail to kitchen to marketing and all the way up the ladder, we have each others backs and are in it together. It makes it a pleasure to be a part of this team.


What drew you to work at Palmetto Distillery and what is your favorite thing about working at Palmetto Distillery:


I’ve always had a fondness for chemistry and a fascination with distilling. From the first day I started working at Palmetto I knew that I wanted to be a distiller.  I have been at Palmetto Distillery longer than anyone, …. Except the owners. I love the distillery and our products more than anyone, …. except the owners. I am grateful to Brian and Trey Boggs  for teaching me and helping me find my way and giving me the chance to be a part of this. I love working with the crew we have here. My goal is to make the best product that we can make, and then make it even better. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to know that our products are enjoyed all over the world.




What drew you to Palmetto Distillery:

I have always had a passion for design. During the summer of 2015, I was on the search for an internship when I met an employee of Palmetto Distillery. We talked about the goals and aspirations for the development and expansion of the company. After our conversation, I felt like this would be a great opportunity to gain real-world graphic design and marketing experience, so I gladly took the offer to start working as their new intern. During my internship, I became part of the Palmetto family and grew to love the position I was in. Upon completing my fellowship, I was offered a permanent position as the new Graphic Designer for the company, which was an offer I just couldn’t refuse.




What drew you to Palmetto Moonshine:


Now this is a true story. Before  this crazy world of Shine, I was the Director of Food & Beverage for a large cruise line company for over 16 years and was very well versed in the world of spirits. When I heard there was an opportunity to join this insanity called Palmetto Distillery I jumped at the chance and without hesitation I left the cruising world behind along with the SUIT, TIE and most importantly, THE RAZOR ! Now to be honest, I had sampled the products prior to joining the team and understood the quality and passion that the boy's put into every jar that they produced. The excitement and fun that surrounded the folks that tasted the our products  was contagious and I wanted to be apart of it any way possible ! Look at me now...... I love the direct interaction with the public, giving them shine knowledge and putting that giant smile on their faces !  I hope to see you and your family at one of our events scheduled thru out the year so you to can "Get you SHINE ON "






What drew you to work at Palmetto Distillery and what is your favorite thing about working at Palmetto Distillery:


I have a passion for brewing beer and that turned to distilling.  When I found Palmetto Distillery, I told my wife that I would love to be a part of making a product that I could be proud of.  One day, when looking at the website, I saw positions open at the distillery. I applied for Moonshine Man… I thought it would be a fun job and a way to get in the door and achieve my goal of working in the kitchen, making the products.  A few days later, I went to visit the Distillery with my family.  Upon walking in the door, I was met by the manager and she said, “I hope you’re looking for a job.”  And I said “Yes I am.”  The rest is history.  I began as one of the Moonshine Men, waving to passerby’s on the road and then was offered a position in the kitchen.  I now have my dream job, and working with the best crew I could ask for.  We are committed to quality, taste and consistency of the product.  I am very proud of each and every jar that our team puts in our customers’ hands.  You can be assured; there is no better quality than Palmetto Moonshine.