Palmetto Moonshine Zoo On The Roof & Liquor Store Now Open!

Our second moonshine location is located directly off I-85 about 2 minutes off of Interstate 85 Exit 19B toward Clemson, SC. We wanted to have a location near the interstate to attract visitors just passing through our beautiful area to have a chance to enjoy our moonshine spirits. We also wanted to have a location convenient for football fans to buy a jar of moonshine as they head on through to Death Valley. At our liquor store you can purchase moonshine, merchandise, and enjoy tastings of our awesome spirits. If you want to see the moonshine being made, you will have to visit our distillery downtown to see the whole process.

You may be wondering why we decided to build a zoo on the roof.. The answer is simple: furry farm animals took us back to when we were kids down on the farm. We always jumped at the chance to visit grandparents or that special uncle who had that "corn whiskey " he made out in the barn, watching as everyone passed the mason jar around the campfire after taking a sip or two. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always unforgettable! So, for this reason, and by paying our fair share of taxes on our 105 proof white lightning, we've made our moonshine and our own little farm available, which we hope you and your family enjoy visiting as much as we have enjoyed building it. Palmetto Moonshine is South Carolina's First Legal Moonshine Distillery, and now we've partnered up with these crazy farm animals to remind you of the fun times you had down on the farm! As all of our friends and families travel north and south along Interstate 85, we wanted to give them a convenient pit stop to pick up a true piece of the South - our moonshine bottled in the mason jar, just as the illegal stuff has traditionally been. So, look for our billboards along I-85, and stop off at exit 19b towards Clemson 1.5 miles on right....Right on the way to Death Valley (or for sensitive ears- memorial stadium! ) Stop by Mon- Sat for a FREE sample, or anytime and have an old fashioned picnic at any of our picnic tables! Our general store is open 7 days a week selling souvenirs and local products. Hope to see ya soon!


Palmetto Moonshine Store Location

5298 Hwy 76
Pendleton, SC 29670

Mon - Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 9am-7pm

Phone 864-222-3433