Palmetto Moonshine Flavors

The word "moonshine" is generally assumed to have originated in the USA, meaning whiskey illegally made by moonlight. Because the activity of distilling illegal whiskey was usually done at night under the light of the moon, the word became both a verb, meaning making the liquor, and a noun, meaning the liquor that was made. However, the word was also used in eighteenth century England to describe brandy illegally smuggled in by moonlight as in the story of the "moonrakers." Moonshine can also mean "foolish talk," because of the belief that the moon can alter mental states. For whatever reason, there seems to be a poetic connection between the moon and alcohol.

At the end of June, we quietly released our new flavored moonshine drink mixes. We hope to have these mixes in grocery stores, liquor stores, and bars very soon. Why did we do it this way? Well, we wanted to give our customers the ability to decide the strength of their flavored moonshine. This way, you have the power to mix it as strong or as weak as you'd like, compared with our pre-mixed flavors that are a standardized 45 proof for every jar produced. In addition to the extra flexibility, you'll end up saving money compared to buying our pre-mixed flavors! By offering the drink mixes separately from the liquor, we're able to give you a better price because we're only charged taxes on the moonshine itself instead of on the entire volume of both mixed together. However, we now have our pre-mixed flavored moonshine available at our distillery, our Zoo On The Roof, and it can also be found at many stores across South Carolina! While the rest of you wait for the flavors to reach your area, be sure to try out our mixes for an idea of just how different our flavored moonshine is than others on the market... We're not giving you just a hint of flavoring in the moonshine, but a real taste of fresh berries! Available flavors are blackberry, peach, red cherry, scuppernong, strawberry, blackberry, cherry apple, and muscadine, and they come in both 32 and 64 oz bottles.

White Lightnin'

We bottle 105 proof, which is much higher than most of the competition. But don't let the higher proof fool you! We distill it three times so we keep that fine line between smooth and not losing the corn whisky flavor. We wanted to have not only the highest proof but something that goes down as smooth as shot of vodka with a much bigger kick!

Apple Pie

Since its release, our apple pie moonshine has been an uncontested favorite among customers at our distillery. It's our own secret recipe unlike anyone else's apple pie moonshine you may have tried, and we sell it with a cinnamon stick in each and every jar.

Black Berry

For those of you who find the apple pie a little too sweet for your taste, our blackberry flavored moonshine should be just right. We mix our moonshine with 100% real blackberry juice to a strength of 45 proof. This flavor still packs a big punch, and is popular among both men and women.


South Carolina is one of the country's biggest producers of peaches, so we were destined to make a dangerously delicious peach flavored moonshine. Enjoy real peach flavor, even when peaches are out of season! This one is bottled at 45 proof as well.

Additional flavors coming soon!!

We'd love to know what future flavors you'd like to see on our shelves