About Palmetto Moonshine

Palmetto Moonshine is the latest labor of love from Trey and Bryan Boggs. These two brothers, entrepreneurs, and hometown boys from Anderson, SC are dedicated businessmen, country boys, and most importantly... moonshine connoisseurs.

The concept for Palmetto Moonshine started late one night in 2010. Trey, after seeing a bust on the local news, began to investigate the legalities of making genuine corn whiskey. To his surprise, his research unearthed the simple fact that the government does NOT actually hate moonshine...it just hates not making money off the tasty product!

On January 5, 2011, the State of South Carolina issue Palmetto Moonshine a permit to make LEGAL moonshine and become the first micro-distillery to make the (previously illegal) liquor that has been selling in these parts for hundreds of years...and so the journey to greatness began!

After the seemingly endless paperwork was completed, Trey and Bryan began the search for the perfect moonshine process. Through connections and their own family tree, the brothers found many retired moonshiners who were willing to share their 100-200 year-old recipes to keep the tradition alive. Through a combination of these methods, ingredients, and recipes...our now famous white lightning was brought into this world.

All products made by Palmetto Moonshine are created to show the pride and history of our great state, as well as the unique culture of our brand. We chose the blue in our labels to not only symbolize the color of our state flag, but also to show the color that worthwhile moonshine should look when lit by a flame. In addition, our moonshine is sold in mason jars to represent how good ole mountain brews were served for hundreds of years...and how they're still served today!

Most importantly, our moonshine is made in-house and comes from a true 100% copper still (it helps keep the hangovers away!). We have one distiller who knows the product inside and out, so you never have to worry about the flavor changing on you.